More than Pretty & Usable: Getting the most from UX on product teams

Collectively, User Experience (UX) practitioners offer many promises of improved user and customer experiences, so let's go "Get some UX" on our next project!  …If only it was that simple.

There are two important things to consider. First, UX is not a single profession, rather, a cluster of areas of expertise, so you need to identify which ones are best suited to solve your unique problems. Second, these areas of expertise each need to be integrated differently on projects to make the most of them.

We'll go through an exercise in exploring facets of UX that may be new to some. Then we'll look at common design challenges, and the facets of UX best positioned to address them, and how they optimally fit in the product development process.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

This session combines my experiences as a designer with design and project management concepts from leaders in the UX field.


Introductions (me/this session): 3 min/2 min

Audience participation (what is UX to you?) 5 min

Collecting and discussing findings: 5 min

Revealing the facets: 5 min

Stories & Strategies: 20 min

Close & Questions: 5 min

Learning Outcome

An enhanced understanding of UX and how to work it in effectively.


This session is intended to elevate thinking from "We should get some UX on this and it'll make things better. Let's put it (here)"


"Our product will need this (specific facets of UX input). To get that we should integrate it like (this), so we can achieve (end goal).

Target Audience

CEOs, Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters

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  • Ayesha Khan

    Ayesha Khan / Jennifer Fraser / Lina Bonapace - One story in three voices: research, design and development

    60 Mins

    Take a recently acquired high-profile client with global stakeholders, insert a very aggressive timeline for a complex problem, throw a global team of researchers, designers and developers at it, and see what happens!

    Wonderful things can happen when multi-disciplinary teams are engaged on intense, complex projects using Agile methods. But, tight timeframes magnify problems that otherwise would have been easily worked through, including: internal and external team dynamics; communication challenges; and time zone differences. We will share with you the good, the bad and the ugly of what happened, and what we learned from our experience.

  • Marie-Christine Legault

    Marie-Christine Legault - Agile marketing: a new reality!

    45 Mins

    After working for 25 years in advertising agencies and major networks - I believe that the software industry and the Agile community ...have something to teach / share with the advertising world.

    • Agile marketing promotes experimentation and continuous improvement.
    • Its actions are based on trends and in reaction to surrounding changes.
    • Agile campaigns allow improved collaboration between clients and agencies.
    • Discover why traditional marketing is out-of-date and how Agility will help you rapidly adapt to the market.