location_city Gatineau QC schedule Nov 23rd 10:15 - 11:15 AM place Room - Mont-Bleu

In this workshop, Steve will introduce Kanban and explain its place in the Agile toolbox.  To do so, he'll guide participants through a hands-on session using Kanban to visualise & improve life in the kitchen!


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Part 1: Introducing Kanban [15 min]

Hi, I'm Steve!

What is Kanban?

  • Overview
  • Brief history
  • Key elements
  • Basic & more complex examples

Kanban & Scrum?

  • What are the differences? similarities?
  • Size & WIP Limits
  • Scrumban

When to use Kanban?

  • Pro's & Con's
  • What is it suitable for?  What not?
  • Example: Kanban for 3rd Line Dev Support
  • Using elements of Kanban
  • Consider: What problem(s) are you trying to solve?


Part 2: Kanban in the Kitchen [40 min]

Say hello to your team!

  • Form teams & Intro's
  • What's in your kitchen
  • Divvy up roles
  • Process review & set WIP limits

Can I take your order please?

  • Test drive your new team & process
  • How did you perform?
  • Tweak your Process

Ramping it up

  • More orders!
  • Hit your WIP limits
  • Review & tweak process

Mixing it up

  • Different sized orders
  • What happens when things go wrong?

Time to Share!

  • Share lessons learned so far with other teams

Pressure cooker!

  • Can you handle high demand?  spikes?
  • Share your final process


Part 3: It's a Wrap!  [5 min]


  • What went well?
  • Even better if…


Learning Outcome

Participants should come away with some practical experience with Kanban, and gain insight into:

  • process visualisation
  • identifying bottlenecks
  • iterative process improvements
  • where Kanban fits in the Agile toolbox


Target Audience

Product owners, delivery team members, and managers who are new to Kanban.


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    Mike Lowery
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