The Product Owner Value Game: Uncover Strategies to Deliver More Business Value

location_city Ottawa, Ontario schedule Nov 21st 09:45 - 10:30 AM EDT place Hands-on learning (MXI Room)

What if your team worked from a common strategy to deliver more business value?  A strategy resulting from best practices they uncovered from a simple game that can be played quickly.

Scrum teams need to agree on a sprint plan. And the Product Owner Value Game uncovers best practices that pay off in the real world. The game teaches people to think about refinement and value in a different way. In the game, teams compete to deliver the most business value from a backlog of items with associated business value and required effort to implement. An element of uncertainty is present in the game just as in the real world. 

Deliver more business value each sprint. 


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

We will play the Product Owner Value Game in breakout groups.  Throughout the session, participants will learn through practice and debriefing.

The flow will likely look something like this:

  1. Introduction to the Game
  2. Play the Game
  3. Group Debrief

Learning Outcome

  • See how different strategies in sprint planning affect the delivery of business value.
  • Uncover best practices to deliver the most business value.

Target Audience

People who wish to deliver more business value each sprint. For example, Product Owners, Team members and Scrum Masters


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