Dave Dame is an experienced change agent, coach and mentor who has helped medium and large organizations transition to agile methodology. In Leading With Imperfect Feet, he explains how a simple walk down a sandy beach last February perfectly encapsulates the struggle involved in changing the behaviour of an organization. Dave has cerebral palsy, a condition that makes it difficult for him to use his arms and legs. His survival has ultimately depended on the help of the people around him. As a result, he’s had to learn how to be vulnerable, face his fear of the unknown, and trust in his “team” to lead an extraordinary life. It’s this same approach that he tries to impart to the people under his guidance as he teaches them to reach their full potential through the empathy, transparency and collaboration. Our cultural attitude toward failure has prevented too many people from taking that difficult first step. But as Dave’s story ultimately illustrates, the unknown at the other end of that journey has rewards not even he could anticipate.


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- How trust and vulnerability creates magic


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