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Are you having trouble finding a small Minimum Viable Product? You've heard about delivering in small, incremental releases, you've tried to chisel out a small slice out of the big product you have to deliver, but what you get is not viable and there's no incremental thinking around releases. Why is this so?

Join Ardi and Cheezy for this session where they will give you some tips and tricks on how to create your first MVP and then look down the road for future ones. They will give some examples from their experiences and challenges when dealing with teams that believe MVP does not apply to them.

You will leave this session with some ideas on how to prepare the strategy for your MVPs, how to work with your team to find your small product that is viable and still delivers value, and understand how to organize your efforts to deliver the product incrementally.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This will be a combo of presentation and discussion. We will give pop quizzes that will generate discussion.

2-3 minutes
Intro: who we are, what we do

7 minutes
Talk about Minimum Viable product, where the idea came from, what is the goal.

10 minute
Discuss with audience about the difficulties they have had when creating MVPs. What did they struggle with? What was preventing them from coming up with a small MVP? We want to create a list of common "excuses" that we hear all the time around teams that are new or with little experience . This list contains things like: This does not work for our domain, Our software is too complex, Our customers will not find value on this unless they have everything, This will be throw away code, etc.

15 minute
This is where we present examples from our industry. We will highlight some real world cases where teams struggled with their products definition and discuss what techniques and tools they used to identify their MVP working closely with their customer and product owner.

5 minutes
We will discuss how Continuous Delivery puts a whole new spin on MVP. How is it possible to define and deliver ultra small changes that deliver value to your customers? How does this effect your software development life cycle?

10 minutes
What is the downside of not delivering your software using MVPs? We will talk here about things like Cost of Delay, fast feedback loops from customers, ensuring that you are delivering the right thing, etc.

10 minutes
Q&A from audience

Learning Outcome

  • Understand what a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is.
  • Be able to identify a MVP in a larger release.
  • Learn how to apply "MVP" thinking to other areas of the workplace - not just software development.
  • Take home some tools that will help you uncover MVPs in their own context.

Target Audience

Product Manager, Product Owner, Team member

Prerequisites for Attendees

Agile basics, understand Agile team

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