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How big is the difference between waterfall, agile, or a hybrid project management framework? It's BIG!

Our company went through an agile transformation at about this time last year, and we quickly realized that we had our work cut out for us.

The change affected the whole company, whether it was the development team, clients, finance, etc. It affected our internal processes, project work, even the tools we used to run our projects.

We had a lot to figure out, and at the top of the list was our new roles.

I want to share the process and challenges our company had gone through, in selecting who will play what role. We started as Project Managers and Technical leads, and transformed to Product Owners, and Scrum Masters.

This talk will break down our starting point and transformation, as well as our challenges, experiments, and lots and lots of fumbles. But all to end at great lessons learned, and solid teams.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This session is going to outline the definitions of both traditional and Agile project management roles, followed by a break down of why or why not one role can transition to another.

At our company, the management teams went through Scrum training, and each manager was certified as both Product Owner and Scrum Master.

Each manager started in one role, and transitioned to another through lessons learned, and much experimentation.

Below is the high level breakdown of this talk:

  • Definition of Traditional Project Management roles vs Agile roles
  • Assumptions made for a natural transition from one role to another, for example: Technical Lead to Scrum Master
  • Results of the initial role assignment
    • The good,
    • The bad, and
    • The ugly
  • Lessons learned, experiments, and company introspective
  • Today’s Roles: the good, the bad, and the work in progress
  • Today’s Challenges and Success stories
  • Summary - Lessons Learned

Learning Outcome

Below are some take-aways I hope that people can use in similar experiences:

  • How to define roles for your organisation, with the help of examples from our organisation
  • How to find the best fit for these roles
  • Experiments to try to determine the best fit
  • How to transition as smoothly as possible through this process

Target Audience

Project managers, team leaders, managers, executives, team members

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