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CFOs in today's digital economy are looking to invest significant capital on data driven initiatives to deliver strategic analysis to business partners. However this is often reprioritized due to regulatory requirements.

This session is about a large European Bank successfully delivering a large regulatory transformation program using an agile approach. Driven by Finance & Risk groups and enabled by technology, incremental business value was delivered to Finance and Risk stakeholders.

The key challenges faced required an approach to handle evolving regulatory requirements, integration of new technology assets to automate business requirements and an aggressive timeline enforced by the regulator.

The successful delivery was largely due to business foresight to maneuver around typical IT challenges and instead adopt an approach using agile principles that put delivering business value over fixed scope. Through this approach, the clients were able to deliver the solution that addressed the immediate needs but this also position them to leverage for future regulations.

This talk will elucidate the backdrop, challenges that posed the business, the agile approach, culture and mindset that was adopted, and the resulting outcomes.

If you have thought of or thinking of adopting Agile mindset in a non-IT environment, this is the session for you. In this session we will share some techniques we developed and hiccups that we managed along the way.

By the end of this session, you will likely have gained some valuable insights that you can take back to your Organization and adopt agile principles and practices in areas outside of IT.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  • Intro [5 mins]
  • Backdrop [10 mins]
  • Challenges [10 mins]
  • Adoption of Agile [15 mins]
  • Learning & Outcomes [10 mins]
  • Summary [5 mins]
  • Q&A [5 mins]

Learning Outcome

  • How to harvest business value through a regulatory led initiative
  • How agile mindset can be adopted outside of the IT Organization to deliver work
  • Tips and techniques on the agile approach (Process Flow, Program Kanban Board, Dashboards, Ceremonies, etc)

Target Audience

Risk/Finance Groups, Agile Coaches, Leaders, Executives

Prerequisites for Attendees



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