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Everyone is doing it! Not very good at it though. If you ask them, every single one of them tells you they are great at it. I am talking about Facilitation!

Everyone is thinking they are doing it. Many of them have an idea about it, maybe through word of mouth. The funny thing is that everyone is claiming to be great at it. This time, I am talking about Coaching!

Facilitation is what we do on a daily basis, no matter what our roles are. If we are talking to more than one person, we are probably using some facilitation techniques. People that are working with teams use that more often. Facilitation is a human centric activity. It gets more complicated and more complex by the number of people involved, and that's not the only factor. There are many factors involved in that.

Coaching is not something we necessarily do on a daily basis unless you are a coach; and a coach by heart. It is very easy to call yourself one and not be one. It is hard to be a coach. Coaching is a deliberate stance we take. In coaching, depending on your client's situation, you use different tools and techniques.

In their core, Coaching and Facilitation are not very different. One is mostly focused at a person's personal level, and one at a group's personal level. When you look at the group as one entity, you can apply techniques and tools for both. Similar to the scaling challenges you might have encountered, you can not necessarily apply the exact same techniques and tools to the bigger picture. However, you can rely back on the pillars of Coaching, Facilitation and vice versa.

Shahin is a passionate Coach and an enthusiast Facilitator. Please join him for a session to talk about Coaching and Facilitation; the techniques that we can use and apply no matter who and how many people are we interacting with. Let him share with you his personal coaching & facilitation experiences, and through that to help you identify your own unique charismatic stance of Coaching and Facilitation.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction and discussion to Facilitation and Coaching
  • Introduction and discussion on Tools and Techniques used for Facilitation and Coaching
  • Facilitation and Coaching techniques and tools similarities and differences
    • When to use which
    • How to switch between them
  • Experiment (Simulation) with your learnings from this session to realize your unique style of Coaching and Facilitation

Learning Outcome

  • Deep(er) understanding of coaching and facilitation and their interconnectivity
  • New way of approaching challenges at work and/or in your personal life
  • Understanding your unique style of Coaching and Facilitation

Target Audience

Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, People Managers, Leaders, Facilitators

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  • Shahin Sheidaei

    Shahin Sheidaei - Your Inner Leader & Coaching!

    45 Mins

    What coaching is really about? Is it a skill or is it a technique? Is it what you were born with or something you learn? Is it a framework or is it a mindset? Is everyone coachable? How can coaching help you with your leadership style? How can you embed a coaching conversation while leading people? Would you be able to lead, coach and motivate others at the same time?

    If those are your questions, come and join me for this session. I won’t be lecturing you about coaching, but rather we will engage in an interactive session to define what coaching is for you. In this session, you will get your hands dirty with coaching, and get familiar with it. You will even be given the tools needed to elevate your coaching skill to the next levels if you want.

    Coaching is not a skill or a tool, it is a mindset. It is great to have a coaching mindset, everyone agrees on that. However, It is not easy to learn or obtain. It needs dedication, right foundation, direction and practice to master. In the Your Inner Leader & Coaching! session, I am going to help you with the most important of all, the foundation of coaching. You will learn a very effective method to start coaching.

    Coaches are not helping people with their situation in hand, but they help them to become a better one to address a challenge in hand. You can be a coach, it needs dedication and practice. Once coaching gets embedded in your leadership style, you can easily use it to lead people and motivate them.

    The session is an interactive session. I am getting you through The Simple Coaching Model, in which you are going to practice coaching first hand. This model will help you to get your feet wet with coaching. The Simple Coaching Model will give you the foundation for having coaching conversation in a very simple way; one that you can practice it on and on. When you become mature in coaching, this model will give you the freedom to build on top of it. You can get to the next level of coaching by expanding your skills no matter what that might be, active listening, asking powerful questions, get deep into feelings, be comfortable being silent etc.

  • 45 Mins

    Many organizations flatten management structure when they transform to agile. It soon becomes obvious that important activities done by managers are still needed. A community can fill these gaps. They can provide morale, governance, learning, and mentorship, recruiting and hiring, mutual support, coordination, sharing, innovation and more!

    Unfortunately few companies manage to create a strong community. Even fewer empower that community to fill these gaps. This means they are missing the ultimate benefit of community: a strong, empowered community can transform the organization itself!

    Join Shahin and Shawn in this interactive session to explore communities in organizations. Examine the benefits of building great communities. Learn how to spark the community, and how to support it as it evolves. Hear stories of communities empowered to improve the organization. Learn how to make a community into a driver of positive change.