Improving your Scrum Mastery and Leadership Skills with Open Space Concepts

Have you been to an open space and remember how the facilitator’s held that space? Open space facilitators create a space that promotes safety, collaboration, empowerment with little direction and very simple laws. We invite you to explore how open space concepts can improve how we lead our teams.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Rough Agenda is as follows:

  1. Describe Purpose of the session & outcomes we want the participant to leave with
  2. Collect what the participants would like to get out of the session
  3. Introduce what is “holding space”
  4. Activity #1 – Participants will use the TAO of Holding Space to pick a few principles to discuss with each other and the group
    1. Learning outcome: awareness of the many principles that are out there and how you can use the TAO to improve how you hold space
  5. Discussion – What are the characteristics necessary for open space facilitators and servant leaders? Why are they so similar? What are the benefits to ourselves and the teams?
  6. Discussion – Personal Journeys of Facilitator’s and how open space concepts have influence their leadership style. Discussing different tools used for their journey’s.
  7. Activity #2 - In your small groups, select one person who will be the facilitator. The facilitator will not be participating in the conversation, but rather holding the space for dialogue to occur.
    1. Learning outcome – facilitators will be feeling what it is like/challenges of holding space
  8. Discussion – What are the current challenges we face with holding space and how can today’s tools help you with that?
  9. Wrap Up – Review outcomes that participants wanted – were they all covered? Discussion – What will folks take away from this session?

Learning Outcome

  1. what is holding space & how to hold space with their teams
  2. why holding space is similar to servant leadership
  3. what are the benefits of holding space
  4. experience of holding space

Target Audience

Leaders, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters

Prerequisites for Attendees

Experience with leading a team or part of an agile team.


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