Change is Hard: From Project Manager to Agile Coach and Beyond

About 5 years ago, I could see that our IT group was losing trust with our business partners, it was taking longer to deliver work and we were not creating the value that we used to. I loved the company, I loved the people I worked with and I loved the product we were creating. Yet I was not that happy. I had 3 choices: door number one - keep to the status quo, door number 2 - leave my great employer, or door number 3 - change the way I work. I opted for door number 3 and I am so happy I did!! It was not easy, every day had its ups and downs abut I feel now I am home, I have successfully climbed a great mountain and I feel awesome!! I am now at another mountain seeing the other possibilities and mountains to climb!

In this session Mike and Joanne will be sharing our personal journey that has brought us from QA Test Manager / Senior Program Manager to Agile Coach. We hope the participants will be left inspired and with a set of ideas as to how they can also transform and become a scrum master, agile coach, change agent or agilist


Outline/Structure of the Talk

This session will be an interactive session which will follow the following:

1. What are the outcomes the audience would like to get out of this session

2. Personal Journey's, Tips and Tricks of what helped both Mike and Joanne to get to where they are today (including where we have failed).

3. What are the good qualities need to make a successful agile coach/scrum master.

3. Closure - which would address any outstanding outcomes

Throughout the session we will welcome any questions.

Learning Outcome

We want the audience to come away with tangible next steps that will help them in their journey to become a scrum master, agile coach, agilist, or agile leader.

We want them to be inspired and we would like to sparks hope that they too can reach their goals.

Target Audience

Project Managers, Program Manager, QA Managers, Anyone who is looking to become a Scrum Master or Agile Coach

Prerequisites for Attendees

A desire to change from their current role to a agilist role.

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