Large scale Agile transformation in government: Field report

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As Agile continues to scale among organizations of all types (including governement agencies), challenges are now not only at teams or projects level but are more and more encountered at the portfolio management level. To significantly improve end-to-end global delivery model and to inject effective responsiveness into strategic and operational programs, organizations need to reinvent governance by shifting organizational KPIs from variance surveillance to real business value creation. Horizontal business processes (such as planning, reporting and budgeting) must be cohesive with this shift as their influence and impacts go far beyond scrum/kanban floor-team execution mechanisms. How should we organize and manage such a transformation? Where should we start? How should we deal with existing processes and management paradigms that are far from being Agile?

This conference will provide numerous references and pointers from a successful large scale Agile government transformation. The two speakers are senior agile coaches passionated for real change and for long lasting improvement. All together Jean-René and Richard combine more than 20 years of Agile experience and have helped many organizations improve their performance with agile principles and practices.

It is intended for executives, managers and everyone leading and applying changes in the organization.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

The following topics will be addressed

  • How to manage the difficult paradigm shift from traditionnal governance to real value & velocity management?
  • How did the Agile/Lean Business Transformation Office evolve in order to better guide, sequence and fine tune key implementation milestones?
  • What were transformation backlog key milestones (epics)?
  • Which elements, from all major frameworks (Less, SAFe, DA2.0, Nexus), better supported alignment and faster delivered results?
  • Which tools were used to support teams?
  • How upper management from IT and business units can react to, resist, or foster long lasting change?
  • How did we manage budgeting and planning blind spots?
  • Which business benefits could we really expect from a transformation of such magnitude?
  • What went well and what did not?
  • Overall pains and gains encountered along the way, as perceived and lived by employees?

We will review all those topics and provide real life examples and stories that people can relate to.

Learning Outcome

At the end of this session participants will have learned:

  • how to structure a large scale transformation program;
  • various tools, techniques and strategies to apply at the portfolio management level;
  • the important role of managers as change agents in a large scale transformation program;
  • significant pitfalls to avoid and key success factors to focus and rely on when engaging in a large scale transformation program

Target Audience

It is intended for executives, managers and everyone leading and applying changes in the organization.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Participants must have a basic knowledge of agile

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