Monkop: cloud-based tool for Android testing and optimization

How can we (the testing team) help developers to cross the "app poverty line" and succeed in the market? finding: bugs, performance bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities, avoiding negative reviews and bad ratings. Straightforward and easy, right? Actually not that easy, mainly because the deep knowledge required in different technologies and tools to get this information for the hundred different kind of devices, which makes the tasks so much effort demanding.

In this talk we want to introduce Monkop, a cloud-based tool for Android testing and optimization. Once you upload the app to, the test cloud automatically installs your app on dozens of real devices, including all Android versions, multiple screen sizes and brands. A “monkey” then plays with each device, analyzing app behavior and creating a report to be sent back in less than 24 hours. The report provides you with: app usage video, screenshots, performance metrics, power consumption data, top database times, recommendation based on best development practices and more, with just the push of a button.

Also, the aim of the talk is to share the lessons we learned developing and using these techniques (well known as “monkey testing techniques”) with the testing community. In addition to that, we are also open and looking for collaborators, testers and developers alike to get feedback and ideas from the community.



Outline/Structure of the Talk


Introduction / motivation

Monkop description


Lessons learned


Learning Outcome

How can they face some technical issues of mobile testing, mobile performance and security. 

Benefits of the tool, and other options. 


Target Audience

testers, developers, QA managers, test leaders, IT directors



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