Augmenetd Reality and Software Testing: A Futuristic Thought Process

Augmented Reality is a breakthrough technology that could considerably ease execution of complex operations. Augmented Reality mixes virtual and actual reality, making available to the user new tools to ensure efficiency in the transfer of knowledge for several processes and in several environments. Various solutions based on Augmented Reality have been proposed by the research community: particularly in maintenance operations Augmented Reality tools have offered new perspectives and have promised dramatic improvements. On the other side Augmented Reality is an extremely demanding technology and, at the present day, it is still affected by serious flaws that undermine its implementations in the industrial context. This paper presents examples of Augmented Reality applications and shows the feasibility of Augmented Reality solutions, underlining advantages it could introduce. At the same time the principal flaws of Augmented Reality are commented and possible lines of investigation are suggested.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Understanding Augmented Reality(AR) and its Internals
  • Combining Real World with virtual object
  • Testing AR Systems
    • Wear a tester's hat and test AR Systems
    • Leveraging AR in Software Testing
  • Challenges in AR Systems
  • Benefits of AR Systems
  • Conclusion

Learning Outcome

The industry itself is shaping up, it is not yet matured. Start small but if you can retain focus say, if you want to focus just on the rendering part, just on the display part, just on the core design part; and builds your own experiences and develops a taste towards AR systems. AR is coming of age because participants are offering more opinions about the kinds of use cases that actually make sense in real life. Many developers are building applications because the ideas behind the apps are just compelling. However, there are serious security and performance concerns to address. AR wave is surging as testers we have a dual responsibility and understand what it takes to test AR application.

Target Audience

Anyone with interest in new age technology



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