The early release of Docker (while it was in beta) was primarily used for testing. It was immediately accepted as the best tool which facilitated automation testing. Docker and its ecosystem have matured today to also support Docker in production.

Tests typically include a number of different components like DB Server, App Server, Web server. Tests also depend on external services like MySQL, Redis. Moreover, the engineers are not very conversant with the testing infrastructure: A QA engineer should ideally focus on writing and executing tests. Failed tests pollute the test environment and resetting it back to a clean test environment is an overhead. Using Docker can address all these issues.

This session aims to show how Docker can be effectively used in manual and automation testing. It will demonstrate how Docker can be used in CI + automation testing, which can form the base for your "continuous testing" approach.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

1. Introduction to Docker

2. Applications/Use cases of Docker

3. Traditional Test cycles

4. Need for improvement of testing & moving towards automation

5. Setting up test environments using Docker

6. Setting up a CI pipeline using Jenkins and Docker

7. Deploying to test environment

8. Running automated tests using Docker

9. Providing test results to complete the feedback loop

10. Demonstrate a simple use case to show how Docker can be used for CI+automation testing, by putting all the points above to action

Learning Outcome

Enable using Docker in testing

Target Audience

QA, Testers, Managers, Executives



schedule Submitted 7 years ago