The Inedo User Conference is a two-day event that's focused on the automation journey for enterprises. There will be two tracks (technical and cultural/organizational) filled with talks by the Inedo community about continuous delivery, infrastructure automation, and packaging. We’ll also have a day with hands-on workshops, where you can learn from Inedo engineers and trainers.

Share your automation journey: Request for Presentations

Every organization is different, as is their automation journey.

Sharing your successes and challenges in automation will not only benefit the Inedo user community, but it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your accomplishments to your own organization and, ultimately the value in continuing on your own automation journey.

Here's some topics we think would go over great with the user community.

Continuous Delivery in Enterprises

This is particularly challenging because it means ensuring compliance and helping people accept and adapt to change. Some great talk examples:

  • Building a Winning CI/CD Toolchain: how does your CI/CD toolchain work, and how did you end up deciding on the tools and processes
  • End-to-end with Compliance: what compliance and governance requirements and hurdles does your organization face, and how did you overcome them
  • Integrating the Business in Delivery: how did you make CI/CD more than just a “powertool” that your release engineering team uses after the business fills out some ticket or form
  • Hybrid Cloud Delivery; what does your mixture of on-premise and cloud-delivery look like, and how did you decide on which parts to stay in the cloud, and on prem

Real-world Infrastructure Automation

If you can start everything in a greenfield environment, infrastructure seems easy. But enterprises have legacy environments and lots of Windows servers that are difficult to automate. Example talks include:

  • Using CI/CD to Deploy Infrastructure; how can you use CI/CD pipelines that are used to speed along applications to deploy infrastructure changes
  • Overcoming Windows Automation Challenges; Windows is really easy to configure, but not so easy to automate; how did you overcome these challenges in your automation?
  • Containers in a Windows World; how is your organization using containers, and what has your experiences been

Packaging and Application Delivery

Packages have taken software development and delivery by storm but can be a challenge to manage, particularly with third-party packages. Some example talks would be:

  • Package-based Development; how have you leveraged packages to power your automation
  • Vulnerability & Licenses; how do you manage license and vulnerabilities in your third-party libraries and software
  • Scaling and managing all your packages; how do you manage all the various package types in your organization, like npm, NuGet, universal, etc

Other Automation-related Talks

Anything surrounding the Inedo tools will probably go over well, such as :

  • OtterScript Tips & Tricks; what have you been able to do with OtterScript
  • Leveraging Chocolatey packages for third-party software installation
  • Anything else you’d like to share