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When I first started at WebMD Health Services, there was very little automation. Getting a developer computer configured was a manual process that took multiple days. Building our monolithic application was different on developer computers and the build servers. Deploying was just file copies to shares. You never rolled back. Configuring servers and applications required someone to log into servers and point and click things with a mouse.

Today, we went from one person trying to automate CI/CD processes to having a team building a CI/CD platform used across dozens of micro-services and a legacy monolithic application. Configuring a developer computer takes 15 minutes (and most of that time is spent cloning repositories and downloading binaries). Build processes are the same everywhere. Applications are packaged up, deployed, installed, and smoke tested, all automatically.

In this session, I'll cover how we got to where we are, pitfalls along the way, and what helped us succeed.

Aaron is a Software Architect at WebMD Health Services. He has been designing and building DevOps tools for over a decade. He is the creator of 10 open-source, PowerShell modules, including Carbon, one of the most-downloaded modules on the PowerShell Gallery.

He loves open source software, PowerShell, and building tools. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two kids. In his spare time, he plays board games, studies Taekwondo, reads, snowboards, and watches too much TV. He wishes he had more time to play video games.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

  • Chapter 1: Nothing
  • Chapter 2: One Guy Does Something
  • Chapter 3: Developers Do Something
  • Chapter 4: Developers Don't Want to Do Something Anymore
  • Chapter 5: Avengers, Assemble!
  • Chapter 6: Platform

Learning Outcome

You should understand how one organization learned to embrace CI/CD automation and have a better idea of things you can try to improve things in your company.

Target Audience


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