Kendo UI DataSource - Steroid for your data retrieval

Kendo UI Core is a free open source HTML5 based client side UI Framework. One of the core elements of Kendo UI Core is a JavaScript DataSource object. Kendo UI DataSource can connect to any service endpoint which exposes data in JSON or XML format. With Kendo UI DataSource - you can do paging, filtering, sorting, grouping, aggregation etc. This in fact is like a steroid for your data retrieval needs in your project. Come and watch as i code through the various possibilities available using Kendo UI DataSource


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

What is Kendo UI Core?

What are the elements of Kendo UI?

What is Kendo UI DataSource?

Kendo UI DataSource supported features - Paging, Sorting, Filering, Grouping etc.

Learning Outcome

Become familiar with Kendo UI

Become familiar with Kendo UI DataSource

Become familiar data retrieval the steroid way

Target Audience


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