location_city Bengaluru schedule Jul 24th 03:30 - 04:15 PM IST place ESquire Hall

In today's responsive world, user experience and application performance is becoming more important than ever. Jankiness is a thing of the past, though it still haunts many web applications, let's under the working of jQuery code so that it doesn't haunt your web application.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Understand the working of your JS code:

  • Understand Browser Rendering process
  • Read and Understand the working of jQuery Code
  • Identify the issues that hamper your Rendering Performance
    • How to write better JS and CSS
  • How to move forward with Material Design Animations?
    • Janky Animations are not admired, understand the different hacks / strategies available to run applications at 60fps.
  • How to make Performance part of your Continuous Integration process:
    • How to measure and monitor Rendering Performance with every deployment?

Learning Outcome

Starting from how to improve the initial render latency of a large third-party JavaScript application. This talk will be a post-mortem of the several web applications that we have perfaudited lately, with an emphasis on concrete steps that the audience can take right away to improve performance. I'll cover:

  • measurement
  • reporting
  • how to identify promising optimization opportunities
  • performance modeling
  • automated performance testing and alerting

Target Audience

Developers, Product Owners



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