location_city Bengaluru schedule Jul 25th 10:30 - 11:15 AM place Grand Ballroom

React JS challenges lot of conventional ideas in web development at the same time providing a simple model for web development. Lets start rethinking with components, virtual DOM, JSX and see how React really shines! In this talk we will take whirlwind tour of React JS. 

We will be building an application based on Open Library API which will help us cover core features of React. At the end of session, we will have a complete app built using React.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

In this talk, I will first give an overview of React.js, a JavaScript library from Facebook for building user interfaces, covering core concepts such as building and composing components, virtual DOM, immutable data structures, one way data flow - which makes React really shine.

I will also discuss some of the React concepts which go against the traditional wisdom like mixing markup and display logic, not using templates etc.

I will be building an app based on Open Library throughout the session to explain features of React.

Learning Outcome

Audience will get an overview of React and it's powerful approach for building complex UIs.

Audience will also get a taste of some of the unconventional ideas used in React which go against the traditional web development as well as a taste of how to build applications using React.

Target Audience

Web developers, Designers



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    • Dave Methvin

      Dave Methvin - Don't Make These jQuery Mistakes

      Dave Methvin
      Dave Methvin
      jQuery Foundation
      schedule 6 years ago
      Sold Out!
      60 Mins

      You can find solutions to thousands of jQuery problems on the Internet in blog posts, StackOverflow answers, or on Github. The problem is, many of those answers and code snippets are very obsolete! The web development world of 2006 that jQuery was born into is very different than the world of 2015, and jQuery has evolved to keep up. Yet there are still features inside of jQuery that only remain because of compatibility concerns, not because they're a good idea in modern web development.

      This talk will discuss features of jQuery that are best to avoid if you want a fast web site or HTML app that works with the widest range of browsers--even browsers that haven't yet been released! You'll also learn how using some of these features can make it very hard to follow modern practices such as Responsive Design. For each feature, you'll learn the modern 2015 way to do each of these tasks.

    • Siddhartha Bhagwan

      Siddhartha Bhagwan - Memory Leaks in JavaScript

      Siddhartha Bhagwan
      Siddhartha Bhagwan
      Software Engineer
      schedule 6 years ago
      Sold Out!
      20 Mins

      If you read this title and thought, "Meh, I’m a beginner and don’t write complex code to worry about that", or "My framework must be taking care of that no?", or "Huh? Whats all that about dude?", this session is just for you.

      I’d like to talk to you about what memory leaks are, how they occur and, most importantly, why you should care. With JavaScript becoming ever so prominent, it’d be fun to get to know the common caveats and understand what happens under the hood a little better.