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Advances in technology is leading to an exponential growth of available data. However, there is a significant difference between possessing data and making sense of it. Data visualization helps to overcome this issue by representing relevant data in an easy to understand manner, and is even more important in the field of Health Care as data in this case may have a direct impact on human life. Data-Driven Documents (D3) is a modern day tool which helps in creating interactive visualizations of complex data and does so easily by binding data with elements in a document.

 During this presentation, we will understand the meaning and importance of relevant data-visualization, types of data-visualization and the factors that come into play when choosing a particular type of visualization. We will also learn about D3 as a visualization tool and go through some examples of visualizations using D3. We will also focus on importance of visualizations from the perspective of Healthcare.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

1. Data-Visualization ( 10 mins)

  • Big Data and its Visualization
  • Pros and Cons of Data-Visualization
  • Types of Data-Visualization
  • Factors that come into play when choosing a type of Data-Visualization
  • Some examples of visualization tools for representing Big Data.

2. D3 ( 30 mins)

  • What is D3
  • Data manipulation using D3
  • Meaning of the term "data-driven"
  • Understanding the three primary stages of data binding (enter, update, exit)
  • Going through the three phases of data binding in a demo
  • Understanding transitions with demo
  • Understanding Scales with demo
  • Examples of some advanced D3 visualizations
  • Comparison with some other visualization tools like High-Charts, Google Chart, Tableau and R

3. Big Data in Healthcare (5 mins)

  • Understanding Big Data in Healthcare
  • Cases where data-visualizations play an important role in Healthcare with demo/examples wherever required and possible

4. Q&A (5 mins)

Learning Outcome

At the end of the presentation, the participants should have some insight regarding the following :

  • What is Data-visualization and its importance
  • Different types of data-visualization and criteria to choose a type of visualization for a particular scenario
  • What is D3 and how to write basic D3 code to visualize data and animate them
  • Role of data-visualization in Healthcare

Target Audience

Web Developer, Data Analysts, Technology Enthusiast, Anyone working in the health care industry



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