location_city Bengaluru schedule Jul 24th 01:30 - 02:15 PM place Grand Ballroom

Aap Ki Adalat is the longest running talk show in the history of Indian television. In this show, the anchor, Mr. Rajat Sharma has grilled over 500 personalities on various sensitive and personal issues. We would like to put the key members of the jQuery Foundation through a similar session, where participants will ask them hard questions around various technical and non-technical choices made by the Foundation and the future direction of the foundation.


Outline/Structure of the Keynote

- Quick intro of our Panellists - 3 jQuery Foundation Members (Kris, Dave & Scott)

- Open the floor for questions from participants.

- Max. 3 mins per question. One or more panellists can answer the question.

- Continue till we run out of time.

Learning Outcome

Gain insights into how the foundation makes their decisions.

Target Audience



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  • Scott González
    Scott González
    Project Lead
    jQuery Foundation
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    45 Mins

    Over the past seven years, jQuery UI has identified and solved many common problems for web developers. Often times, the problems don't apply just to users of jQuery UI, or even jQuery Core. In these cases, we try to solve the problem in the best way for the largest audience, rather than creating an isolated solution within jQuery UI. We're able to do this by working with the community and bringing together various groups to collaborate on solutions. In this talk, I'll discuss how this concept is at the heart of the jQuery Foundation and explain some of the projects that have been born out of jQuery UI.