LAST Conference is an affordable, grassroots mini-conference for people involved in modern businesses. There is a strong bias to digital businesses and our participants come from the teams that build the digital products we use at home and at work.

Our conference stands apart from other conferences because it is by practitioners, and for practitioners. It is also a cross functional community - that it; it is not all software developers or all product managers. It is populated by people from all aspects of the product development community. People come to learn more about how to do their job, but also to learn more about how their team mates think and operate.

We like to think that the day is part informative and part inspirational.

LAST is an acronym for Lean, Agile and Systems Thinking. We believe in studying how work works, and by understanding the theory behind working together to create great things we can do better work together.

There is always lots going on at once, and the aim is that by the time people get to the end of event drinks, they are tired, yet buzzing with inspiration about the ideas exchanged with their peers.