While we talk about rapid change and disruptions, to which we expect todays organisations shall be equipped to respond and adapt to sustain, to me there shouldn't be a second thought in applying the same principles in our professions. As an agility coach, you know there is no one approach that fits for all..

In this talk, I would like to share some of the insights on the coaching moments and how I applied the non purist approach to embed the learnings of the new ways of working. Whilst it is very contextual, I believe it is applicable to many, and share my perspective to adaptive coaching based on the context and dynamics to make it stick.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

What intrigues in a life of a coach in complex systems environments?

How can a coach learn to adapt and adapt to build coaching concepts being contextual?

Why adaptive coaching, and what's involved?


In the verge of organizational change towards agility, there is an immense need for people to adapt new ways of working, and a big challenge for a coaching team to build the bridge between people and change.

This session will explain the above questions, by sharing my own personal experiences and examples. based on embedding agile values and behavior change from their existing command-and-control roles to being the part of a team.
This talk is comprised of a presentation uncovering organizational change and leadership and human relation factors, how the development of both feeds and compliment the change.

The presentation will comprise of a:

5 min - Introduction to the journey and initial challenges and why adaptive coaching
8 min - Insights on people challenges and applications based on my own implementation and practice of the concept
8 min - learning and awareness on human relations factors such as communications, inspiration, responsibility and empathy (with real examples on the implementations)
4 min - Sharing the next experimenting ideas to continue on the journey.

5 min - Audience - Q&A

Learning Outcome

Learning outcomes:
Understand why adaptive coaching helps achieve the outcomes for all.
Learn basic human factors going thru change; why you need to be aware of it.

Understand why it is relevant to agile coaches and how does it matter to the existing teams

What are the challenges, situations and experiences in this servant leadership role

Target Audience

Anyone who is interested in coaching, working in large organisations, people and mindset change

Prerequisites for Attendees

agile leaders, coaches, team members, and anyone curious about working in complex agile environments and open to learn.

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