Keno Core - An Agile Journey

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We've all seen the classic case studies of a team - sometimes running legacy systems - who aren't able to deliver the value their business needs being saved by an Agile journey. These studies are a great example of what Agile processes can do, but how do you take a high performing team, who are delivering value under a waterfall approach and convince them to level up?

This talk covers ~12 months of one such journey, from the point where we (finally) decided to take the leap and adopt Agile practises, through to our current day state. We'll talk about the context, approach, successes, failures and most importantly the lessons learned.

Hopefully at the end of this talk you will leave with 2 things:

  1. the knowledge that such a transformation is possible - even in an otherwise performing 'legacy' team
  2. ideas on how you can start your own journey

Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • Prologue
    • In the Beginning - Context about the Keno team, how we worked, what we delivered, etc
  • Act 1
    • The party is formed - The confluence of events that helped aid us in making the leap to Agile processes
    • The journey is begun - How we defined our process
    • Finding the path - Some of the early mistakes we made and the lessons learned
  • Act 2
    • The quest is given - How the teamed received a new project, outside our Business and Technical domain
    • Uncovering the truth - How we approached this new challenge
    • The cracks begin to show - How the uncertainty of domain exposed the flaws in the execution of our processes
  • Act 3
    • Deus Ex Agile Coach - What gaining access to an Agile coach to guide our journey helped achieve
    • The beast is slain - The final outcome of the project
  • Epilogue
    • And the journey continues... - What the future of the team looks like

Learning Outcome

  • Agile practises are for more than just 'web' teams
  • Thoughts on how to take a 'legacy' team on an Agile journey
  • Lessons we've learned the hard way so you don't have to

Target Audience

Team Leaders, Thought Leaders and Agile Champions

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