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This session is a guided walk through collaboration; what it is, why it is valuable and what areas you should focus on to improve your collaboration capabilities.

The purpose of the session is to help participants put some structure around the thinking and to help develop a roadmap for maturing collaboration at their workplace.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

Participants will be

  1. Introduced to the notion of collaboration ion the context of lean and agile thinking
  2. Guided through a workbook investigating aspects of collaboration
  3. Sharing and exploring stories about collaboration
  4. Identifying areas for further development in their workplace

Learning Outcome

An increased awareness of what collaboration is and how it can be matured to a higher level of performance.

Target Audience

Managers, coaches, leaders, aspiring leaders

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  • Naresh Jain

    Naresh Jain - Organisational Resilience - Design your Organisation to Flourish NOT merely Survive

    Naresh Jain
    Naresh Jain
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    25 Mins

    A resilient organizational can not only adapt and respond to incremental change but more importantly, can respond to sudden disruptions and also, be the source of disruption in order to prosper and flourish.

    The traditional risk management approach focuses too much on defensive (stopping bad things happen) thinking versus a more progressive (making good things happen) thinking. Being defensive requires consistency across the organization and this is where methodologies like Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) come in. However, PDCA approach does not bake in the required progressive thinking and flexibility required for a fast company organization which operates in a volatile environment.

    Professor David Denyer of Cranfield University has recently published a very interesting research report on Organizational Resilience. He has identified the following four quadrants across to help us think about organizational resilience:

    • preventative control (defensive consistency)
    • mindful action (defensive flexibility)
    • performance optimization (progressive consistency)
    • adaptive innovation (progressive flexibility)

    In this talk, I'll share my personal experience of using this thinking to help an organization to scale their product to Millions of users. I've dive deep into how we structured our organization for Structural Agility and how we set-up a very lightweight governance model using OKRs to drive the necessary flexible and progressive thinking.