Business Agility - How do we bridge the gap when business wants to "go agile"

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We are not all created equal. Some, much to my frustration, can eat a lot but remain slender. Some hardly exercise and look really good. Some are tall, some are short, you get the idea. So why do we think that one diet or one exercise routine can change everyone’s health? In the same vein, why do we think that getting a [Insert-Agile-Method-Here] certified person can make a project, program, or worse an organisation, “Agile”? In this workshop, we would hear from the Head of Crime from Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission on how they did it. Also, we would discuss the differences between what I'd call an "Agile Technician" vs. an "Agile Consultant". To truly help businesses "go agile", we must move on from Jira and ticket shuffling to speaking the language of the CEO, COO and Senior Executives. We must study change management.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

  • Introduction to topic
  • A Case Study - Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission (presented by Acting CIO)
  • Discussion #1 - Evolution of the Agile Practitioner's Role
  • Discussion #2 - Are the Agile Purists right?
  • Discussion #3 - Engaging the Executive
  • Conclusion

Learning Outcome

  • Updated mindset required skills of an Agile Practitioner - Particularly one that wants to engage in Business Agility
  • Equipped with some engagement techniques to talk to senior executives about their "go agile" vision

Target Audience

Agile Practitioners, Senior Managers, Agile Trainers/Coaches

Prerequisites for Attendees

At least one Agile Methodology. Have interest in business operations agility, NOT ICT project-level agile practices.

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