Levelling up from 1P to Co-op mode!

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When working in the transformation game, teams we encounter will often provide reasons why agility concepts wont work "for them"...

"we are already performing!" "we have too much unplanned work to do any planning!" "we each have our own individual work to get done!" and so on :)

But what do you do when your own transformation team is tempted by some of these thoughts?

This talk tells the story of a team driving an agile/devops transformation, consisting of diverse skillsets and a collection of "individual work" - who levelled up their team mojo by focusing on the core principles of collaboration, adaptive planning and continuous improvement!

I'll share the elements I believe made us successful - and leave you with some practical tools and techniques that we use on a daily basis to support one another, stay outcome focused, constantly improve and have fun along the way :)


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Setting the scene

Brilliant basics

Team Tools (some or all of the following)

- Iteration goals

- Team temp check

- Keeping accountable with a day planner

- Standup script

- Release planning / roadmaps/ strategies

- Prioritisation criteria

- Decision cards for fun and profit

- "green cards"

- Innovate and harvest

- Maturity assessments

Learning Outcome

Attendees will walk away with

- a journey story showing that even a diverse team with individual work, can move to outcome focused team work

- a reminder that there is always benefit to be found in the true basics/fundamentals

- useful tips tricks and tools to level up your own team processes and ceremonies

Target Audience

Anyone who is a member of a team

Prerequisites for Attendees


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  • Mike Burns

    Mike Burns - Outrun to Daytona USA - Creating roadmaps for success

    50 Mins

    The classic arcade game Outrun (1986) was a critical and commercial success for Sega. But in 1994 Sega released Daytona USA which became one of the highest grossing arcade games of all time.

    The reason - roadmaps! Knowing where you are heading makes it easier for you to create a strategy for success.

    This workshop will show you how to level up your roadmaps and break-free of the Gantt chart mentality of many roadmap providers

  • Daniel Ginn

    Daniel Ginn - Gambling on Estimates

    Daniel Ginn
    Daniel Ginn
    Agility Coach
    schedule 4 years ago
    Sold Out!
    25 Mins

    This session talks to the hilarious/scary behaviour that surrounds estimates and forecasts.

    I'll look to discuss:

    • why teams need to estimate
    • some of my own funny experiences when discussing estimates with teams
    • the difference between estimates and forecasts
    • probabilistic vs deterministic forecasting methods

    You'll level up by being more aware of the problematic behaviours with estimates, and how probabilistic forecast methods can help.

  • Darren Ryan

    Darren Ryan - The long Journey to Agile starts with a Tractor that can drive itself, How Agjunction started its journey to Agile.

    Darren Ryan
    Darren Ryan
    Sr. Engineering Manager
    schedule 4 years ago
    Sold Out!
    25 Mins

    Its easy to be daunted by the stories of great agile development organisations but they all started somewhere. I will talk about how AgJunction started their journey to becoming agile by setting basic rules and creating a learning environment where experimentation was encouraged. In an organisation that aims to provide “Hands-free farming for everyone” by producing both hardware and software for the agricultural industry. The standard agile methods don’t really work when you can be at the mercy of the gods and not be able to test due to rain hail and snow. So instead of using a method that we knew would not work we created something simple and empowered the team to mould it into the AgJunction Agile Method.