How I explain estimation to non-technical stakeholders

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Estimation can be confusing the frustrating for teams to explain to stakeholders. Often stakeholders just want outcomes and commitments to delivery dates. Learn how I explain what estimation is and how it works for agile teams. Using simple concepts and language, I will share with you one of the ways I communicate both sizing and estimating of work.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


  • Why we estimate
  • Separating sizing from time
  • How relative sizing works
  • Converting to the lowest common size
  • Do you need to estimate?
  • Estimating velocity through sampling
  • Using a burn-up chart to baseline performance
  • Release cycles and delivery dates



Learning Outcome

This session will share simple ways to explain how a team can estimate it's work and what it means to stakeholders. Attendees will learn simple language to use to help others understand how estimation works and what to expect from an agile team.

Through the use of real experiences, the presenter will demonstrate one of several ways to both size and estimate work a team has story carded and prioritised.

Target Audience

Agile team members

Prerequisites for Attendees

no prerequisites

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