Grassroots agile - rise of the heretics

Since 2015, 14 years after the Agile Manifesto, there has been a spurt of new grass-roots agile frameworks and philosophies. Why might this be? Is there an Agile Reformation underway, or is this a case of natural evolution?

We will walk a timeline from the inception of agility to the present day, identifying key themes that emerged during this period, and examining the contexts from which they emerged. We will consider examples of emerging agile thought, and a possible connecting thread between them.

Where might these trends lead, and what do they mean for us as agile practitioners, and for agility in general?


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Cluster identification and characterisation
Examination of 2015-onwards cluster:

  • Athletic Development
  • Heart of Agile
  • Modern Agile

Analyses of commonalities and differences
Hypotheses on causes
Conclusion and invitation to further reflection

Learning Outcome

By the end of this talk, attendees will be aware of the history and recent trends in agile thought, and have some insights which might be useful in inspecting and adapting their own practices.

Target Audience

Agile practitioners, and people contemplating an agile journey

Prerequisites for Attendees

Attendees should have an awareness of agility

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