Arduos journey of transforming Performance Management in an Agile organisation

Every organisation focuses on reducing time to market, being innovative and increasing profitability. There are several techniques which organisations adapt Agile to achieve, one of them being Agile. Although Agile focuses on fail fast and reduce risk, it becomes apparently evident that during the journey of practising Agile, the essence of embedding governance related to Employee and Business is lost and tends to becomes a stealth tax.

This 25 min interactive talk will give an overview on how it was transformed in an organisation, and eventually getting rid of individual performance management and focusing on team in achieving the common goal and delivery value to the organisation.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • A story in real life
  • Performance management - Market analysis
  • Outline the Arduos Journey with applicability and insights
  • Learning to apply

Learning Outcome

  • How to avoid pitfalls and succeeed in transforming performance management in Agile
  • Techniques to use from a human behaviour point of view

Target Audience

Employees who have direct reports or act as a servant leader .Practitioners of People and Culture, Management.

Prerequisites for Attendees

An understanding of how performance management currently works


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