DevOps Transformations: Dangling from the Andon Cord

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Over here in the real world, beginning a DevOps Transformation is a truly ominous task. There are so many fires being fought that there is no obvious place to start. If you pulled Toyota's Andon cord for every problem you had, you'd be hanging from it all day long, looking down on the mess that is your organisation.

So where do you start? Let me take you through your first steps towards making a difference in delivering value for your customers. We'll plot a course through the treacherous terrain of your workplace to that better place where DevOps reigns supreme.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

An outline of the very first decisions you need to make and the very first steps you need to take in a DevOps transformation for your organisation.

Which problems do you tackle first and how do you go about solving them.

Learning Outcome

You will finally know what DevOps is all about and where to start.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in using DevOps as a basis for delivering value to the customers.

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