Growing Leaders from pyramid managers to empathic leaders.

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Managers are squeezed in the middle of corporate pyramid structures that throw expectations at them from all sides.

We often expect managers to lead like legends with mystical abilities to overcame legacy structures, old process and often toxic cultures. Expectations and judgements are thrown at leaders without consideration that they are also people.

Often managers aren’t afforded the same learning courtesy as Agile teams expect for themselves. That’s OK, because we know; no matter how safe, it’s not nice nor easy to fail people. Especially those we are accountable for.

Join me to learn how I grow business managers into great team leaders.

Be warned their a few war honest war stories.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

1. What kind of player are you?

2. Last century to todays reality

3. Management Chasm

4. Growing Leaders Journey

5. Coaching Conversation Samples

Learning Outcome

  1. Understanding of the difference between traditional management and great leaders
  2. Growing Leaders Journey
  3. The key components of great people leaders who impact the business bottomline
  4. Validation that managers are human too

Target Audience

Learners of Leading Great Teams

Prerequisites for Attendees

Bring a pen and paper to draw as the talk goes on so that you can 'introspect your own' leadership behaviour.

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