Unlocking SRG – our journey to enhanced agility

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Over the last 18 months Super Retail Group (SRG) has been on a journey to move to a new way of working.

This talk focusses on the why, what and how of decreasing their time from Idea to Value.

Now more than ever innovation and agility at pace is required to respond to the ever increasing pressures of

the now economy. This pressure is felt enormously in the retail business.

Hear how the SRG agile journey started by answering into the WHY. Once buy in was obtained WHAT did they stop, start and continue

and HOW did they go about doing this? What worked, what didn’t and what have they learnt so far.


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  • Mike Burns

    Mike Burns - Outrun to Daytona USA - Creating roadmaps for success

    50 Mins

    The classic arcade game Outrun (1986) was a critical and commercial success for Sega. But in 1994 Sega released Daytona USA which became one of the highest grossing arcade games of all time.

    The reason - roadmaps! Knowing where you are heading makes it easier for you to create a strategy for success.

    This workshop will show you how to level up your roadmaps and break-free of the Gantt chart mentality of many roadmap providers

  • Daniel Ginn

    Daniel Ginn - Gambling on Estimates

    Daniel Ginn
    Daniel Ginn
    Agility Coach
    schedule 3 years ago
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    25 Mins

    This session talks to the hilarious/scary behaviour that surrounds estimates and forecasts.

    I'll look to discuss:

    • why teams need to estimate
    • some of my own funny experiences when discussing estimates with teams
    • the difference between estimates and forecasts
    • probabilistic vs deterministic forecasting methods

    You'll level up by being more aware of the problematic behaviours with estimates, and how probabilistic forecast methods can help.

  • Rebecca Harris

    Rebecca Harris / Paul O'Keeffe - Lean Business Models: Providing Real Solutions to Customers

    25 Mins

    This talk and mini workshop aims to address:

    • Why some agile implementations have not hit the mark
    • Incorporating design thinking into existing agile frameworks
    • how to bring focus to the real customer need and not what the business thinks they need
    • Rapid innovation techniques with Brainwriting
    • mini-workshop to practise an effective Ideation technique.