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LAST Conference Brisbane 2018

Thu, Sep 27
Timezone: Australia/Brisbane (AEST)

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    Ryan Gribble

    Ryan Gribble - Levelling up from 1P to Co-op mode!

    schedule  11:15 - 11:40 AM AEST place Z302 people 15 Interested star_halfRate

    When working in the transformation game, teams we encounter will often provide reasons why agility concepts wont work "for them"...

    "we are already performing!" "we have too much unplanned work to do any planning!" "we each have our own individual work to get done!" and so on :)

    But what do you do when your own transformation team is tempted by some of these thoughts?

    This talk tells the story of a team driving an agile/devops transformation, consisting of diverse skillsets and a collection of "individual work" - who levelled up their team mojo by focusing on the core principles of collaboration, adaptive planning and continuous improvement!

    I'll share the elements I believe made us successful - and leave you with some practical tools and techniques that we use on a daily basis to support one another, stay outcome focused, constantly improve and have fun along the way :)

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    Nick Emery

    Nick Emery - How do you coach a Lean / Agile Mindset?

    schedule  11:15 - 11:40 AM AEST place Z303 people 32 Interested star_halfRate

    The Lean and Agile movements thrive upon the adoption of a certain mindset. Living the beliefs and values of that mindset is all that is asked of us as practitioners. (That, and working software!) However, while Agile and Lean methods have become mainstream, the Mindset is often the missing ingredient, preventing teams and organisations from getting the full benefit of their practices.

    This talk explores how to coach a mentality by drawing upon those mainstream technical practices, and combining those insights through meaningful dialogue.

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    Andrew Rusling

    Andrew Rusling - Experimentation from the real world; move from outputs to outcomes

    schedule  11:15 - 11:40 AM AEST place Z304 people 22 Interested star_halfRate

    Learn how to apply an experimentation approach (Lean Startup) to move from delivering outputs to achieving outcomes.

    Outcomes such as “subscriptions increased by 20%” or “complaints regarding the upload feature reduced to zero” are what makes a real difference in our customers lives and hence to the company’s bottom line. When a team is delivering outcomes like that, there is no denying their performance and hence their value to the company.

    Delivering outcomes comes from understanding our customers, producing an output that may result in an outcome and then validating if we have achieved the desired outcome. At the very least one of these cycles produces knowledge. The Lean Start-up by Eric Ries, clearly explained this cycle unfortunately it did not explain clearly how we should design, set up, run or analyse our experiments. I have met many people who agree we should follow the Lean Start-up approach; however, there is rarely any consensus on the experimentation approach that will make it a reality.

    In 2017 Australia’s largest independent game studio, Halfbrick Studios, embarked upon a mission to better understand their customer and experiment their way to renewed success. Fruit Ninja Fight is one of the results of that approach. In 2018 Australia’s largest Telco, Telstra, focused on “co-creation” with their customers through a series of experiments; delivering improved customer satisfaction and faster results than ever before. This presentation shares with you my experiences of working with those two organisations as they sought to improve their outcomes through Experimentation.

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    Gert Erasmus

    Gert Erasmus - Impossible, is nothing! How scrum helped me run 90 km and made me realise this…

    schedule  11:15 - 11:40 AM AEST place Z308 people 14 Interested star_halfRate

    How does one run 90km in less than 12 hours?

    Come along to my session to discover how I used the scrum framework and empirical process to prepare for the Comrades marathon, a 90km road race that is also the world's oldest and largest ultra marathon and how I used the scrum framework on the day of the run to achieve my goal of finishing within 12 hours.

    This is a practical example of how scrum can be used outside of software development and it's application to real life problems and projects.

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    Renae Craven

    Renae Craven - 10 ways to end up in the Agile Transformation Doghouse

    schedule  11:45 AM - 12:10 PM AEST place Z303 people 44 Interested star_halfRate

    Agile transformations are not easy. And if you’ve ever been involved in one, or two (or more!) you’ve hopefully figured out that they’re not all the same.

    In my experience, there are some common patterns that are a hinderance to agile transformations. This topic will explore 10 of these patterns which either impede organisations or delay their move to an agile organisation.

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    James Hayes

    James Hayes / Shannon Russell - Agile in Education: How agile is empowering teachers and principles in the Northern Territory

    schedule  11:45 AM - 12:10 PM AEST place Z304 people 9 Interested star_halfRate

    This is a story of agile adoption outside of the traditional environment of agile teams. The NT eDash program is about empowering educators in the NT by providing them with access to data to support their decision making. This talk describes how a mixture of design thinking, agile and analytical tools have brought about change in an environment where it really matters.

    The eDash program faced a number of challenges including the need to make sure that principals and teachers in remote communities had a voice in the priorities of the project. Similarly it was vital to make sure that the solution developed would be enthusiastically adopted by educators across the NT. This was an organisation new to agile and under pressure to deliver from within and externally.

    Despite these and many other hurdles the NT Education department, partnering with Aginic, have delivered a product that has generated excitement amongst the NT teaching community and has already begun bringing about small positive improvements to education across the territory.

    We will be sharing our lessons learned and our success stories in bringing about a shift in mindset that allowed NT Education to embrace a new way of working and achieve such a fantastic outcome for teachers and principals.

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    Nhi Chang

    Nhi Chang - Practice what you preach

    schedule  11:45 AM - 12:10 PM AEST place Z306 people 17 Interested star_halfRate

    There is a common theme in an "agile" industry where people talk about "doing" lean and "being" agile, but what does that really mean? Having been in a totally different industry of real estate for more than a decade, there was an opportunity that came knocking on my doorstep - becoming a Product Owner. Reading the position description was like reading a different language. Accepting the role was like jumping into an open ocean without knowing how to swim. In just 12 short months, I transitioned from an SME to becoming a dedicated Product Owner and living, eating and breathing this new role... but what does that even mean!?! Practicing what you preach is an art form on it's own but changing parts of my life to "being" lean and "doing" agile made me fall in love with an industry I was never even interested in. It became about building relationships and bridging a gap.

  • schedule  11:45 AM - 12:10 PM AEST place Z308 people 18 Interested star_halfRate

    Have you ever played the game ‘Uncharted the Lost Legacy’ where an incident changes a life of a child to become greatest treasure hunter of all times.

    In this session, i am going to take you on a similar journey where i moved from Dubai to Australia. The journey was a result of a life changing event which shook my inner belief system.

    You can lose your inner self-belief system and lose your desire to grow, your passion may just drop off - Life event or just the ebb and flow of life.

    Learn how to recapture or rekindle your inner belief system through a world of visuals. This session will tell you how visual facilitation helped me gather my individual expression back, helped me regain my personal drive and opened a door to work with empowering leadership and tap on to discover my hidden jewels. It will help you believe, if i can do it, you can do it as well.

    As David Goggins rightly said, its not only motivation but your personal drive and alignment of your mind & heart which can help you discover your hidden jewels.

    This session will help you level up your inner talent and your curiosity. As a true Agilist, it will make you believe that, Agile is not about frameworks but a true growth mindset.

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    Tim Barton

    Tim Barton - Keno Core - An Agile Journey

    schedule  11:45 AM - 12:10 PM AEST place Z309 people 7 Interested star_halfRate

    We've all seen the classic case studies of a team - sometimes running legacy systems - who aren't able to deliver the value their business needs being saved by an Agile journey. These studies are a great example of what Agile processes can do, but how do you take a high performing team, who are delivering value under a waterfall approach and convince them to level up?

    This talk covers ~12 months of one such journey, from the point where we (finally) decided to take the leap and adopt Agile practises, through to our current day state. We'll talk about the context, approach, successes, failures and most importantly the lessons learned.

    Hopefully at the end of this talk you will leave with 2 things:

    1. the knowledge that such a transformation is possible - even in an otherwise performing 'legacy' team
    2. ideas on how you can start your own journey

    Lunch Break - 60 mins

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    Martin Kearns

    Martin Kearns - How Jui Jitsu made me a better Coach

    schedule  01:15 - 02:00 PM AEST place Z406 people 67 Interested star_halfRate
    I remember the year when I received two massive compliments the first was getting my advanced agile accreditation with Alistair Cockburn, which really stripped a layer from my soul through raw and honest feedback, my redemption from the depths of despair was the recognition of an agile signatory. The second was when Alistair called be a black belt in agile and one of his classes.
    So where do you go from there, I felt I needed to go back to the very beginning and walk in the beginner mind again and receive the type of humility that truely grows your. This came to see when I started to learning the gentle art of Brazilian Jui Jitsu. There are so many parallels we can talk back into our community. Some of the areas of want to focus on are
    1. Learning how to learn
    2. What true failure looks like
    3. The mindset of entering into a test knowing you are going to fail and why do it
    4. The conditioning of both mind and body to support learning
    5 Learning techniques is not enough
    6 The road from white to blue belt

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