AgileSwift - A true evolution in Agile - CI/CD to Change Implemenation to Benefits

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The Business came to all of our showcases and together we perfected our grooming sessions. Our planning sessions hummed like a well-oiled Harley Davidson and the quality of our dev builds improved with every iteration.

Now, 9 sprints later the business starts talking about change impacts, business benefits and Corporate Communications.

Huh ?

The scrum master shakes his head and says " That’s not part of the Scrum framework"

The product owner states " Hey, I only told the guys what the system needs to do"

Sounds familiar?

Unfortunately, a typical scrum team does not cater for the above and for good reason. It's simply not in the Scrum framework. As we all know, Scrum is about delivering working software and is silent about other aspects of a project.

Even if the above is recognised as a GAP, most Agile leaders or PM’s don’t have a method to incorporate into their methodology. Under a waterfall methodology, its straight forward but if following an Scrum methodology, well, things could get tricky.

The above is an obvious gap for most medium to large enterprises and a gap that most project professionals are not willing to take on. It’s just too hard.

This session is about my evolutionary journey in filling this gap under an Scrum Framework. This session is about how we extended the scrum framework to not only incorporate the above but to also incorporate “devops” and CI/CD under a methodology we created called AgileSwift.

Its new, it’s been validated and its producing real results.

This is our journey.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

My journey

Problem statement

My realisations / Lessons Learnt

How we evolved to form the methodology

The outcomes

Learning Outcome

A new way on how to structure a program or project team with the end in mind

Target Audience

CIO's, Project and Program managers, transformational leaders

Prerequisites for Attendees

Experience working in or leading programs or projects

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