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Team's often reflect on how they can work more effectively on a regular basis using Retrospectives. Agile Coaches can help to drive insight on behaviours through coaching and reflecting back what they see. But these are mechanisms that are applied to others.
Introspection is a personal process that can be applied by yourself, to yourself to provide deep insight into your own perceptions and the freedom to remove deep pain within your life.
Learning these techniques have changed my life. It is my gift to share them with you, because when you can control yourself fully, you can give your full self to your teams and enrich all those around you.

Outline/Structure of the Keynote

General thoughts on this would be to cover lightly concepts in Christopher Avery's responsiblity process, a little bit of Non Violent Communication, but a really deep dive in Byron Katie's "The Work" as a technique to deeply introspect.

It would start by highlighting common perceptive techniques used in Agile.

Introspection is about driving for deep insight in self but fundamentally challenging everything you think. It leads to a significant reduction in bias, but more powerfully, gives a freedom that most people don't realise they need. Introspection is the gift of removal all delusions of self and leads to inquiry to enable reality to be really experienced.

It would include stories about how it has changed me and enabled me to coach on a completely different level.

Learning Outcome

Techniques to apply introspection to yourself - including knowing what level of responsibility you are working from, how to connect deeper with feelings through non-violent communication and how to assess your hypotheses and assumptions using "The Work".

Target Audience

Everyone! Introspection isn't just useful for teams working with each other, or leaders in organisations, but useful in all personal interactions as well.

Prerequisites for Attendees

No pre-requisites.


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