Micro-Decisions about Agile Processes

Developers face many choices about how best to manage projects, and there has been much debate when best to use Agile or Waterfall etc. Yet these macro-level arguments hide the day-to-day decisions about which micro-processes teams and leaders should use. When is a Standup Meeting better and when should people use Nominal Group process? Why use Story-Boarding or Process Mapping? This workshop will help participants create their own framework for selecting the right process at the right time for the right task.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

After an introduction, participants will assess team micro-processes and tools to decide their relative strengths and weaknesses, before collectively deciding when best to use each approach.

Learning Outcome

Participants will walk away with a broader and deeper understanding of managing discussions, as well as their own decision framework for choosing which team micro-process or tool is best for specific situations.

Target Audience

Agile Practitioners and Team Facilitators

Prerequisites for Attendees

Anyone who has ever wondered about what is the best way to run a meeting or plan a task will find this useful. A basic understanding of Agile and/or group facilitation would help.

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