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LAST Conference Brisbane 2023 Day 1

Fri, Sep 29
Timezone: Australia/Brisbane (AEST)

    Registration - Auditorium Foyer - 60 mins


    Intro & Welcome - 15 mins

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    Sabina Vitacca

    Sabina Vitacca - Inner Focus, Outward Innovation: Leveraging Mindfulness for Digital Product Development

    schedule  08:45 - 09:25 AM AEST place Auditorium people 14 Interested

    In this stimulating session, we delve into the realm of mindfulness, demystifying the misconceptions surrounding it. Have you ever questioned, "Is mindfulness really effective? What does it truly mean? Mindfulness is BS! You're not alone!

    We challenge preconceived ideas and explore how mindfulness can significantly contribute to your professional growth within the digital product sphere. Mindfulness isn't about nebulous spirituality or empty jargon; it is a practical instrument that can enhance your focus, fortify problem-solving abilities, improve overall productivity and innovation.

    As we navigate the session, we'll provide you with clear insights into how you can incorporate mindfulness strategies into your everyday work routines. From managing stress during high-pressure deadlines, sparking creativity, to improving team dynamics, mindfulness offers the secret to unlocking untapped potential within digital product creation.

    Embark on this enlightening expedition with us, and unravel how mindfulness surpasses clichés, transforming into a potent asset in the rapid-paced digital innovation sphere. Let's debunk the myths, embrace the possibilities, and harness mindfulness to propel your capabilities and knowledge to new heights

  • schedule  09:30 - 09:55 AM AEST place C2202 people 5 Interested

    In July 2023 I attended a course at MIT (Boston, MA); Crisis Management and Organisational Resilience. This presentation covers the main findings of that course, how systems thinking and agility overlap with Crisis Management, and how the consistent use of agility as a basis for organisational thinking creates a foundation for organisational resilience.

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    Justin Hume

    Justin Hume - Digitally managing the customer value stream

    schedule  09:30 - 10:20 AM AEST place C2207 people 3 Interested

    Customer centric digital offerings are complex operations that require multiple disciplines to work together.  Much like a production line in a factory, many stages add value along the way, creating customer value.  The efficiency and effectiveness of customer value delivery depends on how well this value stream is managed.  Part of the problem is digital teams simply don't get the time to internally transform. 

    This interactive workshop explores value streams, problems we see today, how to transform them, and potential solutions and benefits associated with better managing these. 


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    Tyler Gale

    Tyler Gale - What to expect when you're expecting (change) in a government agency

    schedule  09:30 - 09:55 AM AEST place C3305 people 3 Interested

    Government organisations in Australia need to keep pace with the service expectations that we enjoy in the world of private industry.  As a result, Agile and Lean transformations are sprouting up all over local, state and federal government - with varying degrees of success.  With just over ten years of experience in the transformation of multiple government agencies and departments (as a government employee), Tyler will expose some of the things to expect when embarking on the journey; sharing hard lessons, hints, tips and critical concepts (and groups) to work with as you unfurl your change agenda!

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    Josey Simpson

    Josey Simpson - Eat your own cooking, or feast on humble pie

    schedule  09:30 - 09:55 AM AEST place C3315 people 1 Interested

    If you went to a restaurant and the staff told you the Chef never tries their cooking, do you think you would feel a bit uncomfortable? How can they know what they are dishing out and serving up is good quality if they have not tried it for themselves? And even if they did try it, what if what tastes good to the Chef does not work for someone else's palette? The same principle goes for Leaders and Agile Coaches alike. If we do not take the time to step back and test our approaches with ourselves, we are surely setting ourselves up for a feast of humble pie.  

    Josey will share how a recent human experience and period of vulnerability has reminded her first-hand what it can feel like when you are confronted with having to eat your own cooking, how it has lifted her own human-centred approach to behaviour change and how this wake-up call is changing her approach to agile teams and transformations by sharing her own personal transformation journey from the past 12 months which has seen her shed waste (in the form of losing 70 kilos), changing her mindset (with food as well as agility experiments), and all the failures, learning and successes along the way (bonus burn down chart included!) 

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    Mayase Jere

    Mayase Jere - Unleashing Innovation and Creativity through Hackathons

    schedule  09:30 - 10:20 AM AEST place C3303 people 2 Interested


    Hackathons are a great way to build innovation in a company. They provide a platform for employees to come together and collaborate on new ideas. Hackathons can also help to foster a culture of innovation within a company. 

    Flybuys is running its first companywide Hackathon on 6 September 2023. This internally organised event intends to increase innovation and inspire collaboration between Tech and other business areas.  

    A company-wide engagement survey has the Innovation sentiment as of June 2023 at 67%. The hackathon is an experiment to validate the assumption that the event can increase the innovation sentiment and foster creativity in individuals and teams after the hackathon.   


    But it doesn’t stop there. What are the non-tangible signs of innovation? What do we witness when an idea is born from a team and followed through to realise its value?  



    Hackathons have been said to increase collaboration, creativity and innovation in organisations but do they really? By the time the LAST Conference 2023 is held in Sept, the Flybuys’ experiential Hackathon would have been concluded. I will bring all the details to the conference fresh from the oven. 


    In this experiment, we closely follow the journey of team born ideas and the observed behaviours of said team members. We share personality shifts, how team members respond to full ownership of their idea, and how this behaviour differs to company lead initiatives. Our Coaches will observe multiple teams, compile findings, and for the purpose of presenting shifts and patterns. 

    In this session, we will, from a practical standpoint:  

    • Discuss the benefits of hackathons and how they can be used to build innovation in a company 
    • Explore whether Hackathons can serve as catalysts for driving creative problem-solving and sparking ideas 
    • Examine the challenges, team dynamics, techniques and best practices that unlock a culture of innovation from the findings of the Flybuys Hackathon experiment.  

    Morning Break - 30 mins

  • schedule  10:55 - 11:45 AM AEST place C2202 people 2 Interested

    Alongside the growing awareness of neurodiversity is the growing diversity of the neurodiverse. 

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    Ethann Castell

    Ethann Castell - Agile Safari: Spotting and Surviving the Beasts of the Boardroom

    schedule  10:55 - 11:20 AM AEST place C2207 people 1 Interested

    Fasten your seatbelts for an Agile Safari, a daring venture deep into the untamed corporate wilderness. This time, the familiar Pigs, Chickens, and HiPPOs are merely our starting point. As we delve deeper, we'll stumble upon shadowy figures whose names I dare not inscribe, so intimidating that even the most formidable scrum master could crumble at their sight.

    This safari is no casual stroll; it's a survival adventure through the labyrinthine world of workplace personalities. Be ready to laugh, learn, and look danger in the face as we decipher the secret ways of these menacing corporate creatures.

    Equipped with real-world anecdotes as our map and practical survival tips as our compass, this talk aims to transform you from agile adventurers into boardroom beast tamers. So, lace up your boots, bring your sense of humour, and let's embark on this wild adventure together, navigating the thrilling twists and turns of the Agile jungle!

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    Ryan McKergow

    Ryan McKergow - Personal Kanban — How to create up to 60 days of increased productivity per year!

    schedule  10:55 - 11:20 AM AEST place C3305 people 4 Interested

    Personal Kanban is simple in nature. It has only two rules. But do you really follow those two rules and take advantage of this amazing personal time management process? 

    I want to share how I've used Personal Kanban over the last 7 years as the Group Manager - Queensland for Elabor8. I have grown this office from myself to a team of 40 people in 2023. Personal Kanban has been integral in how I manage my day, supporting this business growth and it has created up to 60 days of increased productivity per year!

    This talk will share how this is possible to create that amount of increase productivity, as well as sharing 3 different forms of how I've used Personal Kanban over the years. You'll leave with practical tips of how you too can increase your productivity dramatically.

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    Rashan Senanayake

    Rashan Senanayake - Design & Systems Thinking: Practical Tools for Innovating for Humanity

    schedule  10:55 - 11:45 AM AEST place C3315 people 5 Interested

    Discover practical tools for empathy-driven innovation practices incorporating Design Thinking and Systems Thinking principles. Get hands-on with practical tools to integrate human-centric design principles to your projects and within teams and organisations, along with opportunities for further upskilling. Join this interactive workshop that reveals how to navigate complexities in a digital world, anticipate user needs, and create real innovations aligned with human behaviour. Learn from over 10,000 hours of design thinking practices, collaborate, and infuse innovation into your professional practice. #inspired #lastconference #designthinking

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    Melody Hastie

    Melody Hastie - Free at last… LAST? Not so Fast!

    schedule  10:55 - 11:20 AM AEST place C3303 people 6 Interested

    As we dropped into our work from home life, our organisations were fully behind us doing this.  “You go home and just keep working, organise yourself as you need, there is nothing in the way of you doing this” they said. “Just keep working from where you are.”

    “Free at last, free at last!” was the cry of our people.

    Not so fast.

    Just as we are really settling into this world of digital nomads, present parents and free flow work environments that fit us like a second skin, we fast forward to today, in the now, where people are being, let’s call it encouraged, into work environments that some thrive in, some wither in, their innovative and beautiful petals dropping off into the blissful abyss of “how cool is it to be face to face in the office”


    As we move ahead with our desire for innovation and design with empathy, how do we cultivate an all inclusive culture regardless of where you’re working from, tailored for both the people we are working with as well as ourselves - let’s create inclusive environmental empathy as a workplace!

    Throughout this session I will share my experience as a coach, what it looks like to create and excel in a virtual environment, and hopefully spark  global discussion about what does our work and coaching environment, look like moving through 2023 and beyond, it may not be what you think it is….

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    Kathy G. Berkidge

    Kathy G. Berkidge - The 3 “S’s” of User Stories

    schedule  11:25 AM - 12:15 PM AEST place C2207 people 4 Interested

    User stories are the cornerstone of agile requirements. Teams use them to plan and deliver solutions that meet their users’ needs. Beyond just solution requirements, user stories focus on value delivery from the perspective of the user, describing the capabilities needed, as well as the benefits they would provide. 

    However, user stories can be tricky to write in a way that they are understood by our stakeholders and the delivery team. It’s easy to think everyone is on the same page and we’re all in agreement on what is expected, but then find we’re wrong. All too often, stories are not delivered in a sprint due to them being too big, not scoped correctly, or missing detail.

    This session will explore how to write effective user stories using the 3 “S’s”. These three simple guides can help us to assess our stories to ensure they are sized appropriately and well understood.

    The first “S” is “Simple sentence”. After all, a user story is a small, one-line representation of a solution requirement. They need to be clear, concise, and unambiguous. Being simple helps us manage them through the delivery lifecycle, from inception and writing acceptance criteria, through to elaborating the detail, just in time.

    To find out more, as well as discover the other 2 “S’s”, come along to the session to learn how to create effective user stories using the 3 “S’s”.

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    Matthew Schier

    Matthew Schier - Features, Advantages and Benefits of FAB Standups

    schedule  11:25 - 11:50 AM AEST place C3305 people 6 Interested

    Check-in is often the fastest way to get people to check out. For standup ceremonies the common pattern followed of “yesterday I did, today I am doing” can often feel like micromanaging, mechanical or just a “progress update” for some teams. This format leans away from natural speech patterns and can mean that important information is lost. From my personal experience team members often already know what is happening at a high level which can be the default update using this format. 


    If you have observed your team members feeling like they have to rush through, just going through the motions or approaching it as a “tick and flick”, you may benefit from trying the FAB format. By re-aligning to natural speech patterns as well as asking the right questions, teams can be more effective at synchronizing effectively instead of just checking in, so why not make standups a little more FAB? Leave this session armed with an easy to remember, easy to understand standup pattern that can bring the “human” back and unlock real ceremony value.

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    Kit Friend

    Kit Friend - Enabling flow at scale - what ping pong balls and flamingos can show us about cross-functionality

    schedule  11:25 AM - 12:15 PM AEST place C3303 people 3 Interested

    How can 200 ping pong balls and an inflatable flamingo (and  more) help you improve flow in your organisation? We’ll tour through both principles and practices we’ve seen help and hinder teams in their quest for agility at scale. Avoid mistakes in this heady quest by hearing about those we’ve made on the journey. 

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    Bee Zaidi

    Bee Zaidi - Boundless Resilience: Igniting Growth Mindset with Monk Mode Mastery!

    schedule  11:55 AM - 12:20 PM AEST place C2202 people 2 Interested

    In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, navigating through a series of personal losses and challenges can significantly impact our mental health and ability to focus. When faced with such adversities, it's natural for the mind to freeze, and critical information can seemingly be wiped out, making the path to regaining courage and moving forward seem even more daunting. However, in these difficult times, it becomes essential to embrace strategies that foster resilience and deep focus, especially for improving mental well-being.

    As David Goggins once said, "When you think you're done, you're only at 40% of your total potential." This conference talk delves into the transformative power of applying the concept of "Monk Mode" as a catalyst for personal growth and achievement, with a particular emphasis on its positive impact on mental health and cognitive functioning. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how Monk Mode can help overcome the paralysis of the mind caused by personal losses, enabling them to navigate through these challenging moments with clarity and determination.

    Abstract Bullet Points:

    1. Understanding the concept of "Monk Mode" and its application for deep focus work and personal growth.

    2. Recognizing the impact of personal losses on mental health and learning to recollect courage to overcome challenges.

    3. Embracing Monk Mode as a Resilience Tool for Mental Health:

      • Exploring how Monk Mode can bolster mental resilience during times of loss and adversity.
      • Strategies to improve mental well-being through the practice of Monk Mode techniques, overcoming cognitive blocks.
    4. Nurturing Deep Focus amidst Adversity:

      • Utilizing Monk Mode to restore focus and concentration, aiding in mental clarity and emotional stability.
      • The positive impact of deep focus on mental health and cognitive functioning during challenging circumstances.

    By attending this talk, participants will not only discover the wisdom of David Goggins' motivational words but also gain practical insights into navigating through personal losses while prioritizing mental health. They will learn to harness the power of Monk Mode in cultivating resilience, improving cognitive functioning, and nurturing a positive mental state, ultimately leading to personal growth and overall well-being.

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    Philip Grech

    Philip Grech - The convergence of radical technologies will radically change our world forever. Are you ready?

    schedule  11:55 AM - 12:20 PM AEST place C3305 people 6 Interested

    The advent of the internet brought about a seismic shift in human interaction, communication, and industries as a whole. Now, we stand on the precipice of another monumental transformation brought about by the convergence of four potent technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum Computing, Blockchain with smart contracts, and the Metaverse.

    Each of these technologies in isolation has the potential to usher in significant changes in the way we live and work. However, their combined power, interconnecting and augmenting each other, can herald an era of transformative change unprecedented in human history.

    In this discussion, we will take a systems perspective, exploring the possible implications of a unified system leveraging these technologies working in tandem. We will discuss how they can interrelate and enhance each other's capabilities, and also delve into the challenges that future technology teams may face in harnessing these technologies.

    Moreover, Phil will assert the need for a significant shift in our conventional thinking to fully leverage the potential of these technologies. To make a paradigm shift from the linear, siloed thinking to a more holistic, integrated mindset that envisions the synergistic capabilities of AI, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, and the Metaverse as a unified system. This, Phil believes, is the pathway to unlocking unprecedented possibilities that these technologies, in tandem, promise to deliver.

    Finally, we will highlight the importance of adopting an agile framework for developing proof-of-concepts and underscore the need for a shift in our conventional thinking to fully leverage the potential of these converging technologies.

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    Rebecca Harris

    Rebecca Harris - 3 years of scaling and growing e2e teams at A&G

    schedule  11:55 AM - 12:20 PM AEST place C3315 people 3 Interested

    With little more then a whiteboard conversation  and a whole lot of ambition to double down on it's greatest asset, it's people we share  A&G's incredible journey to high performance teams at scale. As a Challenger brand we have paved our own way through to better and celebrated some incredible improvements along the way. Hear about the joys, the set backs and how from the very start the Greyhound and the Corgi were always going to find a way through.


    Lunch Break - 60 mins

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    Abi Sachithanantham

    Abi Sachithanantham - Goal over Roles: Optimising Excellence in Project Delivery through Human-Centered Agile

    schedule  02:05 - 02:30 PM AEST place C2202 people 3 Interested

    In a dynamic world where projects often face complexities and uncertainties, the path to success lies not merely in defined roles but in shared objectives. 'Goal over Roles' reflects a philosophy that prioritizes delivering excellence in project delivery through a Human-Centered Agile approach.

    This enlightening session explores the synergy of roles such as Business Analysts, Product Owners, Delivery Leads, and Solution Leads, coming together to harmonize their efforts. By embracing a human-centric perspective within Agile methodologies, teams unlock the power of empathy, collaboration, and iterative feedback.

    Join us in a transformative journey where traditional boundaries fade, and the focus shifts to achieving optimal value delivery. Discover how a Human-Centered Agile mindset enriches project outcomes, adapts to evolving user needs, and fosters a culture of continuous improvement. Let's embark on a path where projects thrive, not by roles alone, but through the collective pursuit of project excellence with humanity at its core.

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    Renae Craven

    Renae Craven - From Agility to Alignment: What do you get when you cross an Agile Coach with an Agile Trainer? A Pilates Instructor!

    schedule  02:05 - 02:30 PM AEST place C2207 people 5 Interested

    What does an Agile Coach, a Trainer and Pilates Instructor have in common? Well as it turns out, a lot!

    As a seasoned Pilates client, when I started my Pilates Instructor training in 2020, I expected to learn how to cue Pilates classes and create classes that were interesting for my clients. I did not expect to engage my Agile Coach and Trainer skills, mindset and experience.

    In this talk, I will share the story of how I realised my skills as an agile coach and trainer were transferrable to my new role as a Pilates Instructor. Agility skills such as adaption, flexibility, listening, creativity and facilitation have helped me to be a better Pilates Instructor.

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    Michael Huynh

    Michael Huynh / Craig Smith - The Agile Talent Quest: Unleashing the Potential of Agile Recruitment

    schedule  02:05 - 02:55 PM AEST place C3305 people 3 Interested

    In today's dynamic world, traditional recruitment practices for core Agile roles like Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Agile Coaches often fall short. The lack of role understanding, misalignment of expectations, and over-commodification of roles contribute to this challenge. But fear not! Join us for an enlightening talk as Craig and Michael present their innovative approach to hiring the best Agile talent. Discover how we can break free from outdated practices and embrace a more effective, skill-oriented approach to recruiting top-notch Agile professionals. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionise your recruitment process!

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    Aleks Dimeski

    Aleks Dimeski - Balancing Humanity and Industry 4.0

    schedule  02:05 - 02:30 PM AEST place C3315

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution, often referred to as Industry 4.0, represents the current era of technological advancement characterised by the fusion of physical, digital, and biological systems. It encompasses technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, automation, and more. In this revolution, humans play a crucial role, albeit in a different capacity than in previous industrial revolutions and that capacity is frequently changing. 

    How do we as Knowledge Workers and Leaders remain Human-Centred? How do we support our organisations to develop and achieve the right objectives? How do we support our people to adapt and grow their skills? 

    These are all the questions that are being frequently asked - there is no silver bullet. 

    The foundations of Agile, Lean and Systems Thinking can continue to assist us in adapting however they aren't the only way forward. 

  • schedule  02:05 - 02:55 PM AEST place C3303 people 1 Interested

    A storytelling game with a twist that can transform your work, relationships and well-being!

    The Agile Manifesto values of Customer Collaborations and Valuing individuals & interactions cannot be lived without listening well.  Listening is the most important and most underrated leadership skill today. When we access listening from the heart, deep change can happen enabling us to uncover better ways of working, delivering and supporting each other to do it.

    This session will offer the participants an opportunity to practice and experience a quality listening moment and discover each other differently while sharing and reflecting on their practice experiences.

    LISTEN FOR… is a simple yet powerful card game in which the stories of everyday life become the catalyst for transformative change through the power of deep listening.  The more you play, the more you develop key skills to live a more connected, meaningful and sustainable life. 

    The game is based on over a decade of applied research by Percolab, Samantha Slade’s book Going Horizontal and is linked to the international framework of Inner Development Goals;

    BEING - vulnerability, authenticity and openness to change

    THINKING - finding meaning and seeing patterns 

    RELATING - Relating to oneself and others with kindness and compassion

    COLLABORATING - embracing different perspectives, building trust

    ACTING - Sustaining a sense of hope in uncertain times

    The LISTEN FOR… game is inspired by many traditions and movements from storytelling and neuroscience, to appreciative inquiry and developmental learning. Its power is that it quickly opens up space to share, listen, and sense-make around difficult subjects — in a light and transformative way. The game's simplicity holds a depth that gives players a powerful way of connecting and creating shared understanding. Pulling cards diffuses power dynamics because nobody is deciding what should be talked about. This creates a space for magic and sense-making

  • schedule  02:05 - 02:55 PM AEST place C3304 people 1 Interested

    An elite F1 racing team is designed to deliver optimum performance up to and including the driver. The F1 Team has a responsibility to optimise these critical components (tyres, aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, analysis of track conditions etc.) that drive performance of the system including starting at the top with the driver's performance.
    Similarly, as agile, system and lean practitioner practitioners of high performing teams, we have a holistic responsibility and commitment to all of the components of a system including the 'driver' of that system, be it a GM, head of business, Tribe/Platform lead, or Scrum Master/Product Owner.
    Performance coaching is based on the science of optimising human motivation and behaviour for any given endeavour. The self-coaching Leadership canvas is a lightweight coaching framework designed to improve a Leaders personal performance.
    The canvas brings together over 20 years of performance coaching experience of business leaders designed to improve self-awareness, understanding, motivations & targeted actions.
    In this workshop simulation participants will test drive the self-coaching leadership canvas working in groups of 3. The canvas will provide guidance on how to use highly effective and less well-known leadership coaching tools for the purpose of self-coaching performance. 


    Afternoon Break - 30 mins

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    Shay McAulay

    Shay McAulay - How to build enduring teams

    schedule  03:30 - 03:55 PM AEST place C2202 people 1 Interested

    We all know that long-lived, stable teams are more performant then short-lived, rapidly changing teams.

    But what attributes do we see in these teams that enables this performance? What are the common patterns of behaviour that provide these teams with their endurance.

    In this session we will look at the common attributes and patterns we see amongst enduring teams. We call this the 6 C's of Enduring teams. But what are they and what do they provide the teams that enables this performance and endurance?

    What things should you encourage to help teams establish this behaviour?

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    Craig Smith

    Craig Smith / Michael Huynh - It's Time to Rethink the Scrum Master and Product Owner Roles

    schedule  03:30 - 03:55 PM AEST place C2207 people 8 Interested

    The Scrum Master and Product Owner roles (along with the "team") are well understood and described in the Scrum Guide as well as many other frameworks and publications. As organisations begin to mature and scale, a lot of anti patterns start to emerge with these roles, as well as adding traditional roles (such as change, release and project management) and additional agile roles (such as Agile Coach and Release Train Engineer). Given the simplicity of the three roles in the Scrum Guide for a single team versus the challenges of scaling, do we need to take another look at the team roles to help solve the confusion that so many organisations continue to face as well as question of value?

    Join us as we ponder the question of whether we have outgrown the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner or whether we just need more clarity on what these roles actually mean in the context of true business agility. 

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    Jacinta Streat

    Jacinta Streat - The long and Short Game to introduce an Agile Mindset

    schedule  03:30 - 03:55 PM AEST place C3305 people 2 Interested

    If anyone is going to understand the need for a good Long Game and Short Game it’s someone in a family of golfers. If one of these is off results will suffer. So is true in business and taking an organisation from a little bit of Agile and modern ways of working to a lot more of it!

    Jacinta will share the strategies and approaches used to expand the use of Agile ways of working at APA in her role as Agile Centre of Excellence Lead.

    Short Game – Learn how Jacinta jumped in to support teams who were already on the Agile Journey. How Agile Ways or Working were set up and tailored due to the very different nature of the teams. From large programs to single teams.

    Long Game – When influencing change in an organisation it’s important to plant little seeds that can be introduced that over time lead to greater Agile adoption. Also to have top down and bottom up support. Jacinta will share her approaches in the hope that you can be inspired to try these in your workplace.

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    Darren Cope

    Darren Cope - Lessons Learned from Becoming a Product-led Organisation

    schedule  03:30 - 03:55 PM AEST place C3315 people 1 Interested

    Being 'product-led' is fast becoming a hot, aspirational topic for leaders and organisations. Perhaps some of you have witnessed successes in neighbouring organisations or industries, competitors, or indeed in locally-optimised pockets internally. Whilst the value of being product-led is gaining recognition, scaling from a localised pilot to whole of organisation can be challenging. 

    This session will give you an understanding of what it means to be product-led, where to start, and several key lessons learned from my experience of implementing a product-led approach at scale, which can help you navigate the journey towards becoming a product-led organisation.

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    Lee Thomas

    Lee Thomas / Denise Sweeney - Lift off for the Agile Release Plane

    schedule  03:30 - 03:55 PM AEST place C3303 people 2 Interested

    As a global travel company, Flight Centre was hugely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic due to the halting of travel and laid off over 80% of its staff. As borders began to open, we were tasked with designing and delivering an ambitious program to redefine  how the company could transform to become an omni-channel retailer. We hired over 80 people, trained them and launched our Agile Release Plane. There are many stories to tell along the way, but the program was delivered on time and under budget. A team of scrum masters were key to helping achieve this and we would like to share our pretty cool story.


    Lean Debate - Auditorium - 50 mins


    Wrap-up and Close - 10 mins


    Post Conference Social - 90 mins