Agile for traditional networking and infrastructure teams

Nowadays networking and infrastructure is servicing more and more Agile teams who wanted infrastructure to get faster and more adaptive. We at government agency hit a tipping point where internal Agile teams started to go outside for infrastructure needs, and decided to embrace Agile to help our friends in development. What makes infrastructure, networking, and operations different?

Through a combination of restructuring, coaching and lots of trial and error we made a range of changes to the way we worked and to our environment. Proudly, we were able to significantly improve our metrics and relationships with development teams.
 After hearing this talk, you will not only be able to understand what we did and why but you will also take away techniques and ideas for experiments that you can try for yourself.

Please note this is not a DevOps/going to Cloud talk, the focus here is more on culture and process change.


Outline/Structure of the Talk


  • Introduction of the speakers ( 5 min)
  • The challenges of delivering infrastructure within matrix-based organisation (5 min)
  • How Agile is solving current challenges in public service (15 min)
  • Take aways and learnings (practical tips, where to get started, key enablers) (10 min)
  • Q&A (5 min)


Learning Outcome


  • Take away techniques to teams' culture
  • Hear a real story of how Agile  has been applied to real government department
  • Learn about improvements and hear metrics before and after
  • Learn how changing engagement process
  • Interface to a customer
  • Understand importance of the tools
  • Take away recipes to overcome key challenges (finances, meetings, resource leveling, etc.)
  • Learn where and how to get help


Target Audience

management, system administration, operations, coaches

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