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Cognitive biases often results to poor decisions that could affect your teams. This talk provides an introduction to cognitive biases and how they impact team performance and effectivity.
I'll cover 3 aspects of teams that could be impacted by these cognitive biases - team dynamics, communication and productivity.
I'll discuss the symptoms of these biases and show you how to proactively control and reduce its effects for more effective teams. 






Outline/Structure of the Talk

Introduction to cognitive bias 
We'll take a look at why they exist and what is the brain's motivation in resorting to these erroneous ways of thinking
Cognitive bias in agile teams 
We'll dig into the topic deeper, looking at 3 specific areas of agiles teams that could be impacted by these biases.
For each area we will discuss corresponding recommendations on how we can address and dampen the impacts of cognitive biases.
We'll look into,
Team dynamics and identify cognitive biases that could affect team rapport and collaboration.
Team communication specifically looking into standups and how certain biases will help us prevent from leveraging the information we gather from this ceremony
Team productivity and how some cognitive biases can result to analysis paralysis or having teams held hostage by a faulty decision brought about by these biases.

Learning Outcome

Provide awareness of the existence of cognitive biases and use the learnings from this talk to start conversations with and amongst your teams about it
Provide attendees information in order to have the ability to recognise these biases in team situations
Once you have the ability to recognise these biases, take corresponding actions based on the recommendations provided to remedy and/or dampen the effects of these biases

Target Audience

Team and people leaders, IMs, delivery leads and anyone working with and within teams

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