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This is a workshop style presentation where we will introduce a number of collaboration techniques, then break into groups who will use the different techniques to examine the idea of collaboration. Finally, the groups will report back to the larger group about what they learned about collaboration techniques from each other and from the actual experience of employing the technique.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1. Introduction to the concept of collaboration and some common issues found in team environments - 5 mins

2. Introduction to some techniques that can be used to facilitate collaboration:

2a. Lean Coffee - 3 mins

2b. Traditional Retro - 2 mins

2c. Visual Collaboration - 5 mins

2d. A Hero's Journey Futurespective - 5 mins

3. Split into groups - there will be four facilitated groups, each facilitated by myself or one of my colleagues rom Elabor8. These groups will discuss collaboration, each using one of the techniques outlines above. - 20 mins

4. Groups get back together to compare notes on what they learned about the technique they used and insights they gained from the discussion - 20 mins

Learning Outcome

Real experience using a collaboration technique.

An understanding of four different collaboration techniques and when/why you might want to use them.

A gathering of insights from the collective knowledge and experience of all participants.

Target Audience

Anyone with an interest in improving collaboration within and between teams

Prerequisites for Attendees

No prerequisite knowledge, but be prepared to participate in a small group setting

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    Case Study

    Current discussions about implementing Agile at home tend to focus on the physical attributes. We all know, at least we SHOULD know, that Agile is so much more than walls and ceremonies.

    My talk will demonstrate concrete examples of how my family, and very likely yours, are applying the Agile mindset in our everyday lives. The intent is to help you recognise that ideas and solutions can come from a variety of sources. This understanding will allow us all to think outside the box and incorporate options from outside our workplace. Hopefully it will also bring us to an understanding that Agile is not just a methodology, but a way of thinking that celebrates success and failures.

    This talk will be humorous (hopefully), with lots of family photos and anecdotes of daily life, at home and at work.