Empower Your "No": how to refine the art of decline

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In both Lean and Agile approaches, the ability to say "no" is essential to short and long term success. There are hundreds of books on articles on the power and value of saying "no", yet for many of us it continues to be problematic in practice. Others dismissively say: "I have no problem saying no", yet they are oblivious to the damage they do to the morale and the mood of the team. Tips and hints won't do much. The answer lies in deep, system-level understanding and actual practice.

Don't miss this talk if:

a. You want to really understand at a deeper level why "no" is so necessary and so challenging in complex knowledge work.

b. You want practical improvement in your on-the-ground, real world ability to contribute value by saying "no" and listening to the "no" of others more effectively.


Outline/Structure of the Lightning Talk

  • Using real-world examples from the audience and from our research with global dev teams, we will have a brief conversation about the business value that can be generated and the waste that can be avoided.
  • Next, in Ignite format we will look at exactly why "no" is difficult for human beings: why the concern is legitimate and how the problems occur.
  • Then we will undertake a practical, physical (and fun) exploration of proven methods of strengthening your capacity to say no in ways that increase value generation.

Learning Outcome

  • Increased clarity about the ways in which no can be spoken and listened to as a contribution to value creation
  • Powerful insight into what is triggered in mind, emotions and body when people say no
  • Expanded ability to decline with grace and power

Target Audience

Agile and Lean practitioners, Product Managers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters ...anyone who wants to build their identity as a contributor in complex knowledge work environments.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Real-world examples of where saying no has been difficult or has produced problems.


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  • Phillip Crockford

    Phillip Crockford - Level Up Your Team! ...building customer collaboration skills using WoW

    Phillip Crockford
    Phillip Crockford
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    60 Mins
    Original Research

    Agile, lean, devops etc are powerful process-driven collaboration frameworks that do not always realise their potential in practice. Our qualitative research has shown great promise: using coaching and reflective practice inside immersive MMPORG environments. The aim: to develop the skills and sensibilities we need for effective collaboration in complex knowledge work.

    Building on the work of Chilean philosopher and technology pioneer Dr. Fernando Flores, we started our research with the premise that every human action generates value when it is performed to take care of what someone cares about. The person taking the action is the Performer and the person with the concern to be taken care of is the Customer. Inside this definition then, customers are everywhere, including within the team.

    In this talk we outline our Why? What? and How? We also overview our results to date and future directions. From our experimental research, we believe that this highly innovative approach has the potential to disrupt the traditional coaching and workshop-style delivery methods that are the staple of communication, collaboration, and leadership skills development.

    You will walk away with actionable insights about the human elements of customer collaboration that you can put into practice immediately.