Game of Scrums (Invited Speaker)

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Based on experiences with many different large organisations and teams, this talk tackles the realities of large multi team delivery and explores practical techniques for encouraging true collaboration and avoiding the Game of Scrums.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

30 min talk

Learning Outcome

The aim of this talk is to take the audience beyond the sales pitch of the various scaling frameworks and into the principles and mindset behind the teams and groups that are able to achieve successful large scale agile delivery. This is done through a memorable and fun analogy in order to stimulate learning and generate reflection in the audience.

This will include reference to the Agile Coaching Institute’s Integral Agile model as a way of exploring the wider system in which a teams delivery is taking place and he value of applying systems thinking to scaling approaches. The talk touches on approaches from LeSS, Nexus and even SAFe but focusses more on the principles and behaviours required to make this successful.

Please note, there are no GoT spoilers in this talk :)

Target Audience

Anyone looking to apply agile principles to a multi team delivery problem and any Game of Thrones fans!

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