Have you ever played the game ‘Uncharted the Lost Legacy’ where an incident changes a life of a child to become greatest treasure hunter of all times.

In this session, i am going to take you on a similar journey where i moved from Dubai to Australia. The journey was a result of a life changing event which shook my inner belief system.

You can lose your inner self-belief system and lose your desire to grow, your passion may just drop off - Life event or just the ebb and flow of life.

Learn how to recapture or rekindle your inner belief system through a world of visuals. This session will tell you how visual facilitation helped me gather my individual expression back, helped me regain my personal drive and opened a door to work with empowering leadership and tap on to discover my hidden jewels. It will help you believe, if i can do it, you can do it as well.

As David Goggins rightly said, its not only motivation but your personal drive and alignment of your mind & heart which can help you discover your hidden jewels.

This session will help you level up your inner talent and your curiosity. As a true Agilist, it will make you believe that, Agile is not about frameworks but a true growth mindset.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Following is the structure of the talk.

SNO Description Time-box
1 Introduction 2 mins
2 My Journey, how empowerment and visual facilitation helped me discover my hidden talent 10 mins
3 Your Next Steps Forward...Immunity to Change Framework 7 mins
4 What is your one key take away? 3 mins
5 Q & A 3 mins

Learning Outcome

How looking within yourself and a combination of an empowering leader can help you :-

  1. Level up your inner talent.
  2. Come out of your comfort zone.
  3. Set your goals to reach to a ‘Future You’.

Target Audience

This session is for anyone who has a growth mindset and strive to become better. This targets technical and non technical audience. This session also addresses Agilists who want to increase level of engagement within their teams.

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