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tldr; Organisations exist to fulfil the promise that they made to their customers. This talk describes an approach that uses customer promise, existing culture and the gap between the two as a guiding light for defining goals of an agile transformation.

Longer version: Leading an Agile transformation is a major undertaking. It is easy to invest all your energies and time at finding the tactical solutions and making strategical changes and not emphasise enough on culture. To ensure that your transformation is more than just a face-lift, it is important to dig deeper into nuances of culture. Attend this talk to walk away with a tool that leaders and change agents can use to understand and evaluate the depth and breadth of their cultural initiative, identify gaps and create action items to address the gaps.
The tool is based on an upgrade of well-known Schneider's cultural model. It provides an approach for leaders of an organisation to centre their transformation efforts around culture, leadership and customer promise. We will start with the Schneider model to assess the existing culture and the leadership style prevalent in the organisation and will then link it to the customer promise. The model will cover the impact of an evolving customer promise and the complexities of managing it when the enterprise has multiple and often competing sub-cultures.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

To integrate the learning with participants' existing mental models, the session will us a mix of interactive activities, questionnaires and slides. The timing of the different sections is as follows:

  • Introduction & ice breaker - interactive - 5 minutes
  • Culture vs Tactics vs Strategy exercise - interactive activity - 10 minutes
  • Impact of culture on agile transitions - slides - 5 minutes
  • Cultural evaluation - questionnaire - 10 minutes
  • Customer Promise Evaluation - questionnaire - 10 minutes
  • Compare Culture, Leadership Style, Customer Promise - 10 minutes
  • Closing - 5 minutes

Learning Outcome

The session is intended to help leaders of the organisations and change agents to effectively lead agile transitions by focusing on culture & leadership style and ensuring that the customer promise is not ignored. At the conclusion of the session, the participants should be able to...

  • gain knowledge of what culture is by comparing it with tactics and strategy
  • comprehend impact of culture on agile transitions with examples and case studies
  • evaluate their own culture type and leadership style by Schneider's questionnaire for cultural model
  • analyse their customer promise by using a sense-making activity
  • evaluate the match/mismatch between their current culture/leadership style and the customer promise by comparing the two models

The participants should walk away with an understanding and appreciation of cultural nuances and the impact of an evolving customer promise. They should be able to refocus their energies to create alignment between their culture and their customer promise.

Target Audience

Agile Leaders, Agile Coaches, Change agents

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