Field report on Agile in flexible work-space

The conflict between flexible working and Agile stems from multiple perspectives. Agile wants a dedicated team space and full time collocation; while flexible working drifts into work from anywhere territory. How do you make Agile work under hot desking circumstances? What can be done to make teams productive? I will share experience report from 2 flexible working Agile departments, what worked, what hasn't, and things to watch out for.


Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

Session Timings

  • 5 min Introduction Flexible workplace: definition and principles, pros and cons
  • 5 min comparison with Agile principles
  • 5 min experience report from 2 companies who adopted flexible workplace, what worked and what failed
  • 5 min recipe for making most of both worlds
  • 5 min Summary and wrap up – with some time for Q&A

Learning Outcome

Attendees will learn the following

  • Trends in workspace arrangements
  • Pros and cons of flexible workspace for Agile teams
  • How to work your Agile team in a different workspace arrangement

Target Audience

Anyone who is faced with dilemma of flexibility vs team collaboration

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understand their workspace arrangements

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