“In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.” ~ Albert Einstein

In most organisations adopting Agile practices is a very difficult task and is impeded by numerus systemic barriers. Many organisations are only getting marginal benefits from their Agile practices compared to orders of magnitude improvements promised by Agile case studies. This is because usually Agile practices are applied superficially rather than fundamentally changing the system to support Agility.

In this session we are going to use collaborative learning techniques to learn how to use systems thinking in identifying systemic barriers to Agile adoption and removing them. We will experiment with techniques to fundamentally change the organisational context and shape the environment to increase agility. We are going to explore concepts including:

- How to deal with budget limitations
- How to change toxic leadership
- How to deal with technology and architectural limitations
- Is the position of Scrum Master actually an impediment in Agile adoption


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

10 minutes slides on systems thinking, and agile transformation

30 minute activity of applying systems thinking in an environment going through agile transformation

Learning Outcome

- Focusing on being agile rather than doing Agile when going through transformation

- Seeing the system as a whole when problem solving and optimising

- People who are in the system may not be able to solve the problems unless they stop what they are doing, take a step back, and look at the bigger picture.

Target Audience

Executives, leaders, managers, Scrum masters, coaches, any member of an agile team.

Prerequisites for Attendees

Understanding of Scrum framework

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