Agile and DevOps - Working together with technology

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The rate of change in ICT and demand for services delivered through new modern interfaces by organisations has presented a real and immediate need to address the challenge of how to implement and deliver appropriate solutions to meet these changes. This is not limited to technology, it is as much about technology as it is about the need to address how these changes effect people, process, information and data.

The combined disruptive trends of Cloud, Big Data and the IoT are each disrupting traditional business models in ways never seen before, and when combined, they are impacting organisations at such a rapid pace unprecedented in both business and technology realms, that organisations are having to completely reimagine and rethink how they go about delivering systems, software, services, information and data management across every single part of their operation.

With this change in customer expectations and responsiveness, how do our Agile teams deliver value and outcomes? How do we maintain stability, reliability and security in a rapidly changing environment? How do we deal with old tech and legacy? How do we set Digital strategy? Maybe our Operations people have some of the answers...


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Agile
  3. Overview of DevOps
  4. Core concepts and practices of DevOps
  5. Agile and DevOps working together
  6. DevOps technology to support delivery
  7. Questions

Learning Outcome

  • Core concepts of DevOps
  • How Agile and DevOps work together and extend each other.
  • How DevOps practices and technologies can support Agile teams to deliver value.
  • How to recognise where DevOps can improve your delivery efficiency
  • Challenge attendees to think about how they can change their environment/situation to deliver value.

Target Audience

Leaders, Coaches, Scrum Masters, Developers, Operations, Team Members

Prerequisites for Attendees

There are no prerequisites for this session.


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