Setting the foundations for great culture at the University of Canberra Hospital

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The University of Canberra Hospital was opened in July 2018, Canberra's first rehabilitation-specific hospital. The multimillion dollar design and construction of the hospital is important but the primary success factor is the people and how they work together. Through a variety of methods staff and leaders were engaged to contribute to the culture they wanted to work in, one that would create the foundations for success. This is the story of how that unfolded and the broader change management methodology which achieved so much, utilising systems thinking and related concepts.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Context setting

Key methodology and its source in systems thinking

Real stories and insights from staff


Learning Outcome

Understand how insights drawn from systems thinking can be applied to culture and collaboration

Appreciate how William Bridges' model of transition can work in practice

Be aware of key factors in establishing new or reconfigured teams/services

Target Audience

Anyone interested in systems thinking, culture, teams, greenfields, leadership, change, collaboration

Prerequisites for Attendees


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