Agility Consulting in Government Department


A project addressing governance, training, future state resourcing, knowledge management, and relationship management in an agility consulting framework was launched at a large Governement Department in 2017.

The Department had undergone significant machinery of government merges and section leadership changes. The opportunity existed to demonstrate the value of agility in delivering strategic consulting deliverables.

The section is now began embracing a broad agile mindset through:

  • Tracking their own work using a Kanban board
  • Delegating an appropriate, available resource responsibility to manage leadership and prioritise the backlog
  • Identifying the benefits of multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Engaging in the Future Ways of Working initiative for culture change in the CIO’s office

We would like to bring you on our journey through sharing more of our approach, learnings, and results to date.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

Short presentation followed by Question and Answer.

Learning Outcome

Participants will come away with an understanding of how agile principles can be applied in governance, change, knowledge management and skills enablement.

Target Audience

Non technical delivery individuals looking to bring Agile ways of working and approach to large and small projects.

Prerequisites for Attendees


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